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Pardoned Cannabis Man Speaks Out

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A man jailed in the United Arab Emirates after cannabis weighing less than a sugar grain was found on the sole of his shoe has spoken out. Andrew Brown, 43, from Smethwick, West Midlands was jailed for four years in December but was pardoned last week by the head of Dubai's prison system.

The Rastafarian was arrested at Dubai Airport in September as he waited for a UK flight en route from Ethiopia. He said the court's decision to jail him had been "ridiculous". The father-of-two said he had stopped off in Dubai after attending the Rastafarian millennium celebrations in Ethiopia. "I was put into the detention centre, which was a dirty, smelly, horrible place, and I was kept there and ultimately they convicted me," he said.

Mr Brown, who is a youth development officer, said the authorities found 0.003g of cannabis on his shoe, an amount invisible to the naked eye. Dubai, in the United Arab Emirate (UAE), has a zero-tolerance drugs policy, but Mr Brown expressed disbelief at the decision to jail him.

"Am I responsible for the ground beneath my feet?" he asked. "Who looks at the soles of their shoes?"

Last month Mr Brown's brother Lee claimed he had been arrested because he was a Rastafarian.

The list of banned substances in the UAE includes many products which are available over-the-counter and off-the-shelf in the UK. These include medications such as codeine, a common ingredient in pain relief and cold-and-flu medication, and the common baking ingredient, poppy seeds. A comprehensive list of banned pharmaceuticals is available at the Fair Trials Abroad website.

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This is only one of the several stories that have come out of Dubai since the beginning of 2008. A new scanner at the entry point at the airport is responisble for the sniffing. It is ultra modern and can detect infinitly small traces of drugs and other illegal materials. Our office just set up operations there and the support personnel that is going there has been informed to be sure that they are clean. It has been recommended to purchase only new clothes still sealed in the plastic and to purchase a new suitcase so as to avoid any possible contamination. The scanner can find 0.0001 grams of illegal or controlled substances. I personaly would avoid any country with such forms of mind control.


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We will bend in half and open our butt cheeks for Dubai. They could make it legal to sell children there and we would still be buddies. They have more money than the US treasury, so they get to do what they want. The Corporations say so.
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