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has anyone else ever had parent weed.. you know.. its that strain thats not available on the streets.. the kind of weed you can smell a mile away before its even lit.. it looks like crap but it tastes beautiful, and the resin sticks to your lips, the high is awsome.. we call it parent weed cause only the parents/ older generation can get it.. well I just got some from my dad and i could smell it through 3 bags.. its my " special order" ;) I'll take a pic later ( the whole house stinks right now from one joint.. and the smell lingers for hours lol ):48:


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Oh ya, the real dankity dank. I remember when I was in HS my friend's mom had that kinda bud. It was some good herb. When her parents were out of town, we would go over to smoke some shisha and weed. We would always run out of weed quickly and my friend would go up to her mom's drawer and take some of her stash. Her mom didn't care much, she said at least we were smoking some good herb and we didn't have to risk getting caught while buying.

Nowadays I get some pretty sweet stuff, but somehow it never beats the parent stash, haha.


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thats all i ever buy, cuz otherwise i get ripped off
i get like a quarter for $50 and its mad good shit
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