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Parents Make Case For Medical Marijuana In Georgia

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Georgia lawmakers held a hearing Wednesday in Macon to gather information about medical marijuana and help determine whether to legalize it in the state. Efforts to pass legislation to legalize medical marijuana failed last year, but parents are determined to fight for a different outcome. Lawmakers heard story after story from parents desperate for treatment for their children's medical conditions.

The Calloways are one of several families who brought their stories to the legislative committee at Mercer University. They are spending their last weeks together as a family before Beth and her daughter Maggie move to Colorado, where Maggie can get cannabis oil treatment for her daily epileptic seizures. Aaron Klepinger, who moved his family to Colorado to get medicinal marijuana for his son Hunter, says it's had a dramatic effect on his seizures. "In Georgia we got an average of one to two EMS calls every month, saying that the school was calling EMS for a seizure that lasted beyond five to 10 minutes," said Klepinger. "In Colorado, not one."

The panel heard a similar story from an Atlanta police officer who said his 11-year-old son is 85 percent seizure-free under cannabis therapy. The panel is expected to make recommendations to the legislature during the next session. For the Calloways and other families, time, money and hope are running out. We're praying it works, and if it works, we stay, and we figure how to have a life there," said Beth Calloway. "If it passes in Georgia, we'll come home. We will. But we have to do what's right for this little girl."

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