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Parents of Absence Seizure Patients: Phenobarbital


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I took phenobarb (Mebaral) after the first gran mal at 21. I continued it thru grad school, a very demanding program at UW. The phenobarb left me tired and woozy. I basically outgrew the gran mals with one exception in 2018 but absence seizures post exercise started about 15 years ago. When I resumed cannabis use about 10 years ago, the absence seizures stopped. They have not returned. How many docs I wonder ho treat w/ heavy medication have ever used it.


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Does it matter what strain or potency or CBD % for you?
Excellent question. I have not noticed differences for strain potency-I grow my own and various strains seemed to help.. CBD-heavy strains have not been obviously superior but I have not really studied the issue properly. I'm 77 and aging may be a major factor. It would be nice to know the seizure problem's gone for good. There's plenty of other stuff in any case. As I mentioned, exercise might be a factor. Have you noticed any correlations like this?


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Thank God I live in a state where my kid has access without too much trouble and also that I have the resources to pay the cash money it takes to make this possible and now to begin growing it myself. SolarSon, how did this all turn out for your son?
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