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Parents Thrilled After Texas Compassionate Use Act Passes

Jacob Redmond

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The Texas House of Representatives passed the Texas Compassionate Use Act legalizing Cannabidiol Oil in a 108-38 vote.

The Texas Senate previously passed the bill in a vote of 26-5.

Cannabidiol is orally ingested and derived from a compound of the cannabis plant.

CBD Oil, also known as Charolotte's Web Oil, is proven to nearly eliminate seizures in epileptic children and adults.

Many Texas families are thrilled knowing the governor's signature is the only hurdle left between their kids and a potentially life-saving treatment.

Tim McMorris whose 5-year-old daughter has suffered from seizures since four-months old says, ""CBD gives us hope that she can have a better life. When the vote came, you couldn't help but have tears of joy."


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