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Partner plants?


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so thought id start a thred on benificial plants that help our ladies..so was reading about marigolds..and how they are benificial to our ladies ..they repulse insects..so was wondering if anyone had any other plants that they grow with the girls to help them with nutrients..have heard that clover is also good as well for the soil..cant quite rember for sure..but willl post on this thred ..have fun..like 2 see how creative we can make this thred..thanks for the replies and all imput is welcome.. :peace:



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Re: partner plants???

so i just posted this and it got me to thinking about the benificial properties of clover,with a lil reserch this is what i came up with
The plant clover, alfalfa,beans,all produce nitrogen-fixing bacteria-
Clover only begins to convert nitrogen from the air when “infected” with beneficial soil bacteria called rhizobia, which builds nodules of nitrogen on the clover’s roots. Most good soils in temperate regions will have this bacteria, but if in doubt (for instance, if there’s no clover in your area at all), find a field with clover and dig up a bit of soil to add to your soil
the plants gives the bacteria simple carbon componds and in return,the bacteria convert nitrogen from the air into a form the plant can use then when the host plant dies and decomposes,it adds nitrogen into the soil.so when clover is tilled under,nitrogen in the cloverplant is added to the soil that is used by the next crop.

Red clover is also considered one of the richest sources of isoflavon. Isoflavons are efficient in treating some forms of cancer and can even eliminate some cancerous cells. Studies have proved that clovers can protect against the development of breast cancer cells. Also, clover can reduce the risk of lymphatic, ovary and breast cancer.

The herb reduces breast inflammations (mastitis) and breast pains. It detoxifies the lymph, lungs, liver, kidneys, and blood. In cases of gout, it is useful for decreasing the concentration of uric acid.

Clover is a good expectorant; it soothes the spasms of the bronchi, convulsive cough and children's cough. It is also anti-asthmatic. It reduces the symptoms affections such as syphilis; it stimulates biliary secretion and relaxes the muscles.

The herb has other uses too: it decongests the salivary glands, decreases arthritis pains, and reduces ocular inflammations. It has a relaxing effect on the nervous system, adjusting the psycho-emotional balance and contributing to the development of communication abilities.

Also, in cases of a tuberculous nature, it reduces ganglionary inflammations, the effects concerning menopause and premenopause, hot flashes, depressive states and palpitations, being an excellent vaginal and urinal relaxant.

In external use, it is dermatomic, being used in treating acne, psoriasis, eczemas, insect stings, abscesses or ulcerations. Red clover is also used for detoxifying the blood.

so with all that said think ill plant this so called weed in my garden this year then till up the soil for next spring..so what do u think??? feel free to add to this or start a new plant..love 2 hear what we come up with thanks and stay high!!!!



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Re: partner plants???

yeah dude...plant yur marigolds..I personally like to wire my plants with silk flowers..they won't fade from the sun..plus they look purdy..just keep one color per plant...looks more natural...just don't let them steal the spotlight..ya know attention from anyone....be cool


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hey thanks for the reply ...had to put flowers like that for a couple of seasons.but now i live in a state that allows medical mj i dont have 2 hide my plants n e more...thank god!!!every state needs to allow it!!thats all i will say i wont go off on politics...but was kinda hopeing for info about plants that produce natural nutes..did alil bit more reserch and found thisTable . Percent nitrogen in legume tops and roots. (6)
Crop Tops Roots
%N %N
Soybeans 93 7
Vetch 89 11
Cowpeas 84 16
Red Clover 68 32
Alfalfa 58 42
so if n e one wants a lil bit more n in their soil plant a patch of any one of these then next season till that up and it will unleash 100%all natural organic nitrogen !!!so that takes care of nitrogen..anyone have anything on flowering nutes??ill see what i can pull up on (P)and think ill keep looking for other beneficial plants as well that have other nute values..everyone feal free to add.



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I have read that Stinging Nettle is a great companion plant to cannabis... It is supposed to put some metabolites into the soil that are beneficial to oil production, and also is good at keeping things like mites away... In addition, it supposedly makes Silica available in the soil that nearby plants can benefit from.

However everything I read about stinging nettles say it maybe a pain in the butt to have nearby... I mean, the name of it is stinging nettles... That alone eludes to it being a mean plant you don't want to touch! Maybe if its rooted nearby, but trained to grow away from the cannabis..? I would think companion plants are mainly for outdoor growing.
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