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Pass a DOT urinalysis - I just did in 2 weeks plus a random pass technique


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So I have to take both random and scheduled drug tests. I use sub solution prank urine with a thigh strap and it works. It's the best if not monitored because you can heat it with the provided warming powder in seconds...but you must shake the bottle so be ready to gently shake it for 30 seconds and monitor temp on provided bottle. If you have time heat pads also work well. ...I'm 5'7 225lbs so a heavy guy for size. I just passed 1/25 a piss test using 2 weeks clean with Protox pre clean pills 12 hrs before drink. Consumed plenty of water for 2 days, but not a ton. Probably each morning 2 16oz waters then kept one on me and sipped it all day. So morning of test I follow directions and eat only 1 bowl of oat meal waited and drank more water as directed and right before I took the drink I called customer service to verify I was doing right and gain emotional support lol. Live guy answers we play the last time of toxins and what not game...told him what I've done and he said your fine just remember between the 2nd and 3rd hour is the GOLDEN hour. Drank bottle at noon 15 min filled and drank and started monitoring with dip tests each pee. Was getting nervous because after 4 pees it's still 15 min till 2 so before I cancel my test I ride it out and poof at 2pm exactly I pee and both lines are super dark. Drove 30 min holding next pee sipping 1 more 16oz water..took test at 10 till 3. Had to go very bad filled cup with mid stream pee and even though it looked diluted to me.. I've retested several times for diute samples...but I waited for the dilute email. Never showed. Waited for the MRO call of failed. Never called. So I checked my employer web site and my new test date is 7/25 meaning I'm good to go until July 2018. Hope this helped. Oh and I used Protox extreme if your bigger or smaller they make 3 sizes drinks, but def use the pills to if ya got time...I think they are the reason I wasn't diluted. :welcome:
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