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Passing A Urine Test On Short Notice


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Hello fellow Chiefs.

I am 26.75 years old - 5'9" - 185 lbs - I have smoked every day 2-5 bowls a day for the last 10 years.

I am moving to ND to work on an oil rig. I will have to submit a U/A on the spot immediately following the INTERVIEW. The interview could be in as little as 7 days, possibly 21 days.

In the interests of sticking it to the man everywhere and helping further the knowledge of what works on a pee cleanse and what does not, I will be posting my personal results. Jobs now know to look for cleansers and fake pee. I have passed many tests in the past using the basic concept:

***************BURN FAT LIKE CRAZY - PEE LIKE CRAZY - SWEAT LIKE CRAZY********************

******************DON'T SMOKE UNTIL YOU HAVE PASSED YOUR TEST(S)***********************

I have had a 5 day head start. Here is what I have been doing so far:

#1. I quit smoking pot
#2. Dialed the nicotine waaaaay down. Nicotine slows metabolic rate.


Because I don't want to show up to an interview for an oil rig as a stick person I have chosen a diet that will still allow me to build/maintain muscle. Basically eggs, bananas, chicken breast, raw veggies. That's it. No salts whatsoever. No processed anything. No dairy, no wheat, no sugar. Seriously, eggs, bananas, chicken breast, raw veggies.

The goal is to metabolize/burn the fat that contains THC. You can't burn fat if you take in a bunch of fat. You also can't burn fat if you take in NO fat. Your body will conserve fat if you don't give it some to let it know... "hey we've got fat coming in, its ok to burn some".

In order to digest food efficiently, I eat 30 minutes before and after I intake fluid. I don't eat with a belly full of water.

To Cleanse:

Minimum 2 - 3 gal water a day
500 mg of niacin daily
Raw Cranberry juice 1/2 liter daily (mixed with water to be easier on kidneys)
100 mg cranberry fruit pills (1 pill at a time with water - 4-5 pills daily)

To Burn Fat:

Day A: 4 mile run (45 min cardio)
Day B: Heavy lifting workout with few breaks, keeping heart rate up (30 min)
Alternate days until day before test day.

1 Vitamin B Complex tablet at meal times (3 / day) B Vitamins convert food to energy instead of fat
Green Tea Extract + Rhodiola 3 in the AM 3 in afternoon

To Sweat:

Days A & B: Sauna at the end of the night for 15 minutes, shower to cool, repeat 3-4 times. Sweating for 1 hour total, drinking tons of water throughout the process. *this is not healthy, but sweating is necessary*

This is my strategy. I will let you know how it goes. I will be ordering at home THC test strips and will wait to pursue the interview until I have passed 2 home tests. My goal is to be clean in 7 days. This particular time, the day before the test day I will reverse my metabolism and eat about 3,000-4,000 calories and chill the fuck out.. no working out. Supposedly, this method will keep the THC from coming out in my urine. I will get back with the results :)


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Be sure 3 days before your test to change to a high fat red meat diet to stop the body from burning fat till after the test.
And be sure you have good bowel movements, take metamucil if you have to.
80% of thc metabolite exit through the bowels and if not kept moving it can be reabsorbed.


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Should it be that much earlier? 3 Days? I was thinking 2 days... Thanks for the heads up about bowel movements. They have definitely slowed down. I will pick up some fiber or add oatmeal to my diet in the mornings.


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Couple of notes:

I am noticing a huge fat loss due to the diet and exercise. I am shredding up pretty quickly.
The Sauna is not just to sweat. Keeping your heart rate increased (130-150 BPM) forces your body to burn fat / carbs and increases your metabolism.

I just got the home test kits. I will try an initial test in the morning on my second urination. I will try not to dilute it so that I can get a realistic reading.


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Decided to take an at home test tonight instead of waiting. Passed.

I don't believe the sample was diluted. It's possible, but not likely. Today I have not been drinking the 1-2 gal as the other days. Its been really busy. Probably had about a half gal of water all day, and been active. My last fluid intake was about an hour before the sample, and barely had enough for the test.

7 days since last toke

low fat intake + burned fat + flushed system + raised metabolism = clean piss

I will take another test in the morning at first pass to confirm.


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Try taking your next test first pee of the morning. If you're passing that then just use a medium dilution the morning of the test. I would still switch the diet at 3 days before the test because the releasing of thc metabolites from the fat cells can vary from day to day.
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