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Patients Face Medical Marijuana Shortage


Nug of the Month: Aug 2008
New Mexico - A shortage of medical marijuana means who use it might not be able to get the relief they need, KOAT-TV in Albuquerque reported.

One man, who requested his identity to be concealed, runs a nonprofit group that counsels medical marijuana patients. He said there are around five medical marijuana distributors in New Mexico and almost 2,000 patients.

He claims distributors can't keep up.

"They say they can handle up to 100 people, when in actuality one dispensary can only handle about 40 people. Actually, 35 max, let's be honest," he said.

Experts in the field said that if medical marijuana patients can't get what they need from a certified distributor, then there is a concern they'll go somewhere else to get it.

"People get it off the streets, and that's unsafe," said the counselor.

New Mexico started its medical marijuana program in 2007. Some say the state office is underfunded and understaffed, leaving potential patients and distributors in limbo.

Those who work with patients said New Mexico needs more funding, especially as more ailments qualify for the drug.

KOAT tried to contact the state medical marijuana program to ask about the reported shortage, but calls were not returned.

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