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Patients Finding It Difficult To Find Medical Cannabis Recommendation In NY

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The Medical Marijuana Program in the state of New York is just a little more than a month old. The number of registered participants is growing, as is frustration in finding a recommendation for treatment.

As of Tuesday, there are 350 registered physicians and 669 registered patients in the New York State Medical Marijuana Program according to the New York Department of Health. What there isn't, is a list of names of the registered physicians who can provide that recommendation.

It is a problem for Melissa Epps, 38, of Kirkwood who is in the process of being enrolled in the program. She has multiple connective tissue disorders -- giving her constant pain throughout her body.

While in process of registering, Epps has been searching for a physician that will recommend her for medical cannabis and cannot find one.

"I have gone to numerous doctors in Binghamton and the surrounding areas and all doctors have said they are not willing to go through the process," said Epps. "They base that on lack of research and the state process."

The Department of Health says practitioners have the ability to identify registered physicians who consented to be listed in the Medical Marijuana Data Management System.

That's located online within the Department's Health Commerce System. That database can only be accessed by practitioners.

Epps says she'll keep looking but is growing tired of taking narcotics to ease the pain.

"It is like coming out of the dark ages and asking for help and being ashamed of it."


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