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Pax Duff, Brownie Mix, Beginner Edibles


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Hi Everyone!
I'm new to this site and to the medical marijuana bit and marijuana in general. I smoked for the VERY first time one year ago (I'm 29). Anyway, I hated smoking so I recently bought a Pax vaporizer from my local headshop and I love it! The woman that runs my local "club" (it's NOT a dispensary!!), told me to save the duff and cook with it. Today was the first time. I didn't have all that much duff, maybe just under a cup so I was going to split the brownie mix in half but being already high. . . . I somehow ended up eating half the raw batter. Oops! And yes, I'm aware of the risk of consuming raw eggs as I got the lecture from my Mother so don't bother telling me again but it was so good! Anyway, I used my almost cup in what was left and whoa! At first I thought that it would taste bad as there seemed to be a lot of the duff compared to the batter and Pax duff is naturally a dark brown and seems more brunt than compared to other vaporizers (from what I've read anyway) but I couldn't taste it in the final product. I tested at 1 1/2' by 1 1/2' piece and was pleased with an almost instant high that lasted a good hour. The next piece was maybe twice as long but the same width. Man! I'm REALLY high now!!! So glad this turned out great the first time. Questions welcome!

David Bowman

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:welcome: to :420:

I've baked with mulch, what I call duff, before and got the same results as you. I've also heard that it makes decent canna butter and oil. I'm trying that next with the last of the mulch from my first grow Easy Rider, about 3/4 ounce.
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