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PC Grow 92 Watt CFL Bag Seed

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What strain is it? Some mersh from mexico.
Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? The bud it came from was indica dominate more sleepy time then let's do this.
Is it in Veg or Flower stage? Neither waiting on sprouts to break surface only 1 is in veg.
If in Veg... For how long? Broke ground 9 days ago and been vegging in box for 7 days
Indoor or outdoor? Sprouted outdoors but growing indoors.
Soil or Hydro? Soil
If soil... what is in your mix? It's called organic black magic
If soil... What size pot? I would say 1/2 gal rectangular pots.
Size of light? 92 watts cfl 40 watt 2700k and 2 26 watt 5600k
Is it aircooled? I have 3 pc fans for air flow.
How often are you watering? I water every 2 to 3 days if needed.
Type and strength of ferts used? shultz 10-15-10 plant food for flower. And a 10-10-10 build for veg.

my gutted pc.

1 of my pc fans.:smokin:
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Re: Pc grow 92watt cfl. bag seed

So went and collected few items I need just to find out I need more. But I painted the inside of the pc and it is now drying in the sun...

White so far is cheap and easy so Ill stick to paint till I get better at this. Plan on heading back out and getting the mounting hardware so I can get this puppy up and running and ready for sprouts. I did buy two new 27watt 6500k so now its actually going to be 94 watts but I am to lazy :bong:to fix it so Eh its cool.
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Re: Pc grow 92watt cfl. bag seed

meet loki. loki has been sprouted for 7 days now and is just chillin in the old box awaiting the pc box to be finished. I need a few more items and I need to find an old phone charger to hook up the fans. I was thinkin of just taking the one off of my attic box but I might be getting a few clones of jack herer that was started from seed in an aerogardn. Also another buddy has an outside plant he found and has just left alone for the past two months and he will be pulling a few clones from it before it starts to go into full on flower. It is showing preflowers. So Now Im off to go get the remaining pieces for the pc box and hopefully finish it today.:439:
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Re: Pc grow 92watt cfl. bag seed

So I finished mounting the lights and wired the fans. Got it all hooked up and Loki moved in.

I did what I could with what I had layin around. I got it all finished this morning and let it run temps peak at 95 when lights kik on. I think one of the vents is being plugged by the cab it sits inside. Once I get the desk it sits in situated I will drill an exhaust vent till then I just leave the side off the pc.

Loki now 12 days old under cfl lights. Ill get better pics when I get a chance. I did notice a little sprout friend poke up in Loki's pot. I have the other pot outside awaiting sprouts to transfer once I cut out the ones I don't want.:439: Eventually Ill mount the lights a little better. The pc case is a tad small so I plan on pickin up a larger one at a surplus store. But it works for now.
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Re: Pc grow 92watt cfl. bag seed

Still working out some kinks in heat in the pc but Loki still growing.

Top shot the soil was beyond dry so they got a good drink today.
I did change the lighting schedule to 8pm to 8am to help a tad with the heat. It could just be the temp gage is mounted near the top rather then where the plants are but 90 degrees isnt to bad.

Side shot of loki at 2 weeks old and Sakura at 2 days old. Eventually Ill move the new sprouts to their own container when they hit second or third node. I think I am shooting for three plants total out of 6 seeds. So far Loki is showing Indica dominance so should be a little diff then my Sativa Fail.:439:
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Re: Pc grow 92watt cfl. bag seed

Ok so the pics I uploaded were from this morning. I just checked on Loki to see how it is doing and noticed a new lil sprout.

Kind of hard to see thanks to Loki but it's there and today would be day one. Sakura is in the foreground and Juno is poking up near the rear hook. But upon further inspection of this mornings pics I can see Juno in the back ground so could possibly be day 2 and I don't know it.
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Re: Pc grow 92watt cfl. bag seed

No serious update. Loki continues to grow and the temps remain under 90 now that Its only on during the night. I pulled Juno out due to thinner looking leaves so I thought leaning towards sativa dominance. Instead now I have a Juno2 popping up that is too early to tell for sure of dominance. Another day or two and Ill know for sure. I do take pictures almost daily but they are mostly for my own growth collection. I think daily images on the journal might be a bit excessive so every three to four days should be good. I just like almost daily for personal growth reference. I do plan on Fimmin Loki in another week to try to keep height down. I think ill try to stay away from Lst for the pc for now. Who knows maybe ill Lst one and Fimm the other. Just need to make sure I have 2 or 3 indica dominance sprouts first. Smoke on my fellow humanist, some day the world will realize if the average man or woman can grow it themselves then it shouldn't be against the law.:439:
Re: Pc grow 92watt cfl. bag seed

Greetings, Keeper of the Loki!
I love the possiblities of a micro-box grow.
One of these could replace the medicine cabinet in most homes ;)
With HEPA filters, an isolated 'love nest' for a seed run?

I've read that Bushmaster works, and you'll need something. Short pots are good. :popcorn:
+ reps :thumb:
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Re: Pc grow 92watt cfl. bag seed

So Loki recieved first set of nutes on thurs. It's a simple 10-10-10 build and it was half strength due to its what I already had made. No sign of nute burn on any of the plants as of yet. I took the "pot" container outside for better lighting pics. I now have a 3 week old plant, a 6 day old plant, and a 3 day old plant.

Group shot of Loki, Juno2, and Sakura

Sakura sorry for the blur.

Juno2 once agian blur.

Side shot of the group I think ill be moving the other two into a seperate container real soon. Loki is dominating the light.:439:
Re: Pc grow 92watt cfl. bag seed

I'm glad to see ya back at it again my friend. I hope this time you get all females.... Plants look healthy bro..
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Re: Pc grow 92watt cfl. bag seed

I would be happy with just one female. Not sure how I'm going to tackle smell just yet. I figure as of now the cat box works as an excelent cover, lol. But welcome once again Light-1-up. Yeah so far so good. I think ill end up just letting one go and deal with possible height issues when I get there. I am enjoying the growth and difference in the leaves between this indica dominate grow and my failed sativa one. These leaves almost look fake like a plastic, where the sativas were more hairy and plant looking like strawberry leaves. I have some of them growing in a hydro chamber for fun. Im still on the fence post about fimmin or just lettin Loki grow. Another week and Ill decide and then let it keep doin its thing.:439:
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Re: Pc grow 92watt cfl. bag seed

So I did some transplanting today and I'm keeping my fingers crossed there wasn't too much root damage.

Sakura in her new mini Pot. Im trying to keep size way down so hoping with the small pot I can keep some of the growth down.

Juno2 sportin the same size pot as Sakura. It was only way I could get all three to fit without blocking intake fan. Ill update group shot in the pc in few days when I see if the two plan on making a full comeback.:439:
Re: Pc grow 92watt cfl. bag seed

Love a good CFL grow. I'm suscribed and will be following your grow.
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Re: Pc grow 92watt cfl. bag seed

Heres a group shot of all three in the pc case for now. They appear to all be doing well but 24 hours isn't that much time to tell.:439:

Lastly I just want to type obliviconsent :welcome: and I love the growth part the most, it is when the most happens but I'm still looking forward to sexing soon.
I originally planned on straight 12/12 but changed my mind when the pc was finished and ended up with 14/10. As of yesterday they are now on a 13/11 and will be going to 12/12 next week. Keepin my fingers crossed no balls on Loki.
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Re: Pc grow 92watt cfl. bag seed

So its been four days since last post and three since I was last able to check. I didn't have any time to snag any photos while I checked them this morning, but I did end up having to start Lst on Loki. Thus tomorrows photos should reflect some minor bendage. Think I may have to start a little trimming soon to force growth into other areas instead of upwards. But eh live and learn. Either way this grow is way more interesting. Thanks to the pc box I now have been gathering wood to craft a better small box of simular dimensions. I think Ill just make the wooden box 16x12x17 and those measurments are in inches and are w,d,h (width, depth, height) not w,h,d as some commonly mistake. In my mind if I craft my own it will be easier to tackle any issue, like light leaks or light mounts. I did see a nice home made light baffle. He made it out of 1/4 styrofoam black board. It was nifty and seems simple enough. Ok so now Im done rambling and thinking way to far ahead of myself. Tomorrow or Wednsday the pc box goes 12/12. It will be interesting to see the growth pattern changes Sakura and Juno2 will go through being on 12/12 after only a week or two on 14/10. Happy smoking my fellow self medicators..:439: