PC Server Stealth Grow Case ! ! ! NEED HELP !


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Hey i would really appreciate some knowledgeable people on here giving me some advice as far as making a schedule to keep my plants growing good until i can sex them and only keep two strong healthy females take clones from those females to put in a different stealth cab to be kept as moms, and eventually make another Stealth pc server case to have four plants flowering i would like to use a mixture of L.S.T, Fim, & Scrog for this grow. If someone can just help me get the hang of it with this grow nutrients time for the timers extra tips pointers anything to help me get on my feet so i can eventually start up more projects. Thank you ps im high az fuck right now. and rambling someone help:) i will post pics and a video link on youtube that you guys can watch my grow please help i had to throw this pc grow case together fast and so i did kind of a shitty job so dont hate thanks. GanjaHead559:) I Stayz Smokin U feel Me!:ganjamon:

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Um...welcome to 420 :welcome:

Try to shorten those sentences up a bit or something, that made my head really hurt trying to read it lol. Maybe because I'm sober? ;)

Your best bet is going to be to post a journal in the "Journals In Progress" subforum with pictures and good descriptions of what you have and what you want. The description you gave here of what you want is a start but you're gonna need to clean it up a bit if you want any "real" help. Not trying to slam you or anything, just some friendly advice so you can get the best advice :)

All the information you have asked for so far has already been answered in the How to Grow Marijuana: Everything You Need to Know thread. Light cycles for veg and flower, perpetual gardens, cloning, LST/FIM/SCROG, nutrients, etc. If you have more specific questions please post them but you're gonna have to do your homework too :)

It will all make much more sense once you get going, it's a lot to grasp at first but you'll get it and have some happy plants to make YOU happy! ;)

And again...welcome to the forums, lots of good people here and even more good information! Hope I didn't come off as rude or a buzzkill , it wasn't my intent :peace:
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