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Hey PC, i made 2 cups of CBD oil the other day. Made some gel caps, aside from the cannaburps i like it. Great for anxiety and calming over active mind.

EDIT: you can make makeas much or as little oil as you want; adjust your numbers. You can even do half or double strength to fine tune your dosages.


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If I grew in a tent I'd use yo-yos. That's what Alafornia ended up getting and he loved 'em!


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I have a big ziplock stuffed with yoyos on account of how handy they are. They can be used to support branches from the light fixture, or hooked to the pot to pull branches down, then ya lock them in place so they hold.


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If I grew in a tent I'd use yo-yos. That's what Alafornia ended up getting and he loved 'em!
Indeed! They worked great for me. I did also utilize some stakes with tomato/garden tape (and once even used a rope clip hanger).

On the supercropping - pick the place you want to bend and squeeze until you feel it squish inside. Then rotate your fingers around the same place and squeeze again. Follow this until you can feel it naturally wanting to fall and just nudge it to where you want it to go. If you try to force it over it will snap the branch. It may happen anyway but you increase your chances by taking your time with it. Like others have said, tape works if it does snap. Electrical tape did quite well for me.

The yo-yos are cheap. 24 of them each with double hooks set me back about $25. I may need more on my next grow. :)


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Thanks for the Article Shed I read it and now I have a little better understanding but I still don't know what the A5 stands for in the KA5H strain
A5 has absolutely nothing to do with F1,F2 etc.....those are designations of types of hybrids.

A5 Haze is simply a cross between a Northern Lights #5 and Haze A.

When Ace crossed the A5 Haze (NL#5xhazeA) with their Killer Malawi they named it Killer A5 Haze.....which people are now making up abbreviations like KA5H....which also looks like cash. Reason being the smoke is undeniably a unique, strong psychedelic sativa with moderate flower times combined with big yields.

Hope this clears up any confusion



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I got a dirty dozen of the yoyos for my tent I an wanting the bamboo stakes for the greenhouse, not as many places to hang yoyos in the greenhouse so I am going to use the stakes out there though I may use a combination in the tent. Thanks for the suggestions I appreciate it


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Morning friends, I looked out this morn to see a winter wonderland everywhere. 6-8” of heavy snow
With ice underneath. The power lines are really stretching down and am expecting a power outage
At any time now?
I ran my generator yesterday for kicks and the snowblower too. Hoping not to use either this season
I grow on. The temp in the bloom room is 75F at 6 AM humidity at 30% and the lights just went off for the day 12/12 now. The photos are starting to stack flowers already :48:I never seen that
Happen this early before. Must b the strain or the length of time that I vegged for?
Happy trails
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