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PCaddict's 1st Grow Journal


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Hey PCa! Glad I got back here in time for the amazing harvest coming in a few short hours. Take a lot of pics because we could all use your harvest to brighten up the day.


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Maybe I'll try it but don't like having sweaty hands. I kinda like rolling up finger hash and it's easy enough to wash my hands.
You can still get the finger hash from the gloves. Throw the gloves in freezer for 30 minutes and when you pull them out you can now easily get all the hash from the gloves off. When your doing it with no gloves, your smoking some of your dead skin cells. I would still smoke my own gloveless finger hash but yeah I always use gloves.


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Now that I think about it that's all I will have. Enough for 12 batches. And that needs to last me till my next harvest. :( I will make it last me, if I do oil with most of it then it should last. I don't smoke very often
get back in the joints.lol. I love all the ways folks use weed but I hate the thought of not building a joint and sitting back to enjoy each pull. smoking on a pipe/bong/nail/volcano feels like a teen on a rebellion so they sadly are out of bounds and popping a pill will have me having flashbacks to rave days and little control on where it goes.lol Not the best lung treatment but sadly spliffs are my nemesis. you will have some great product to play with PC. excellent result mate.
p.s live and kicking on BF1 now. on lockdown too so lots of time on our hands.lol


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I am waiting for my buddy to come over so we can carry the plants out and start trimming. Once we start I probably wont be on till we are done
congrats buddy its kind of a pain but its fun because its the good stuff as your trimming your going to see some buds that look so good those will go over here lol have fun pc. :)
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