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Peace From Glasgow


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Heya...Just wanted to introduce myself...new to the forums...hope to meet some (or all) of you soon enough.:Namaste:

Matanuska Valley

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:welcome: to 420magazine... :roorrip:
Lot's of good people here to help with the new climate... :yahoo:
Smoke one and enjoy the site... :rollit:

MV... :popcorn:


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hi there dj,,, new myself here not far from you, i'm lanarkshire.. here myself to try and get some better ideas for my set up and get going,. how are you doing yourself are you starting new?? peace man!!;)


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Hi redwon, have you got any info a journal etc on your setup?
hi munchie, not much as of yet still trying to find my way around, but i do have a couple of pics in the gallery and a couple of posts about a plant that turned hermi on me wich is in the grow room under frequently asked question, (identify this.. you been here long yourself??


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Welcome to 420 mag ! You will find a lot of supporting people on here as well as those who have a great knowledge on everything marijuana .
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