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I wanted to get a journal started, although this grow is well under way.

I bought seeds once a little over a year ago and never looked back. I am a pollen chucker lol

I have several crosses working now and will be starting some f1, f2 and f3 of white widow (indica dom) x berry bomb . I also have some of unknown origin I call frost and giant crossed with white widow berry bomb working pictured below :)

the next indoor grow will be decided soon, seeds on hand are ::
Platinum Blue Diesel ( genetics gone madd )
Redd Cross (GGM)
Madd Crush (GGM)
DC Kush (GGM)
Madd OG (GGM)
The Flave x AK47 From a friends cross

Still have many seeds fro the wwbb crosses that will be for out doors this spring.

Guess thats enough for now
Great post! big :420: :welcome: you chose the best :goodjob:,

and that humor I noticed above, will make this site even better for you!

Great pic of delightful looking chron!! hydro or soil?

You'll drool when you see this FLUX link Growers plants, I'm a big fan of this very skilled 420 grower.

Enjoy the site, bring on the sharing! click below & you will say wow! :peace:BROTHER!

Light Addict's Quick Guide To Fluxing - Featuring The Original Flux!
I am using ff of and hf,. After seeing the flowering pattern of the unknown I have come to the conclusion that it is a type of haze. These plants look very similar to alot of haze pic I have seen. If not haze then a sativa dominant hybrid. :)
Chopped most of the garden, two left and they are close enough but I am trying to wait and its hard lol.
pics of the White widow Berry Bomb x Frost. Pollinated 3 buds with and indica dominant wwbbxf and looks like I will get 200+ seed from three small buds :) Cant wait to grow these out, although I will never be able to use all the seed. lol Many will go into the woods.
few pics that just do them justice, very sticky and sweet.

Stem turned red where the light was hitting, but still green under the bud.

seeded bud.

Plant after de fanning :) Where the yellowing is are the pollinated buds, once the seed matured the buds started to die off.
Every thing is down and trimmed final # up soon . Really hurt yield with the smaller buckets, that wont happen again.
5 gallon buckets will be tested on next round.

First pics are from an experimental bucket of bud , ended up more of a bonsai buds. Quality is really good.

These next plants are a back cross to my White Widow Berry Bomb (f1) with a wwbb x frost
Hard to see the quality in the pics, these will be some sweet sweet skunky floral buds that are quite the munchie machine . These flower will make you clean out any leftovers in the fridge. Lol

9 week flowering plant. Started to foxtail so down they come, I hate fox tailing.......

Bud shots, if only I had a better camera.

Seeded, will be interesting to test this smoke.

Seeded buds close to 100 seeds I am guessing.

Wish I had testers. I may try to get some lab results next time I am in Colorado. Hopefully around June.
A few seeded bud shots

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