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PeePack Did The Job!


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I read this forum before testing and wanted to explain a bit more in detail what I went threw with my test.

Of course here I am getting tested for a new job. All my coke head buddies can pass but forget that. I researched like crazy how to pass a test and found synthetic urine was the only way to do this. Trust me Tea's and others wont help, I tested bad when I was in Marine Corps. They waived it but anyways. I really wanted to use the brand everyone is talking about, I totally forget the name now but overnight shipping was like $50 plus the product itself was almost $50. I thought what the heck to save a couple bucks I am going to call some smoke shops and see if they have any synthetic urine. Sure enough they did and only for $25 which was way less then any website. I went and bought it, wasn't the brand I wanted but I was on a timeline. A day after I submitted my background check ...BAM time to visit Labcorp ( one of the largest drug testing companies ) . I was scared as hell, even shaking when I went in. I thought these guys are going to supervise me or double test because of how nervous I was. Well anyways here is what I did and I just got good news today that I passed.

1. Bought peepack at local shop for 1/2 the price
2. Gooched peepack for an hour to see of I get temps just right, it comes with a temp gage right on the pack
3. As I pulled up I checked temp. It was about 92 degrees. I thought I better rubber band the handwamer to it just to be safe and re-gooched it.
4. Checked in etc and waited about 15 minutes to be handed the dreaded cup which had a temperature gage on it also.
5. Before pouring it I checked temp and it was right on about 95 degrees.
6. Poured it in and handed the cup in. Was so nervous I am not sure how my shaking did not spill it all over lol.
7. Passed the test !

Just wanted to share my experience because I was not sure most of the testimonials online are valid or if they are put there by the producers. Also wanted to post the steps I took and show they worked. I hope this helps everyone. I really believe most synthetic urine will work but my experience was from peepack.


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Buddy in the state just used this and passed w/ no issues!

And he was worried - he feels now like he just bought some insurance - peace of mind!


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What store did you buy it from? or any tips for what stores i should try? i need one ASAP and cant buy it offline right now so i need your help! please
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