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Penalty For Marijuana Possession Gets Tougher In City


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Cleveland City Council considered tougher laws for possessing marijuana, NewsChannel5 reported.

Councilman Zach Reed introduced the ordinance at Monday night's meeting.

Reed wants to increase the penalty for people caught with less than 100 grams of pot.

He wants anyone with that much marijuana to be charged with misdemeanor of the fourth degree, which is punishable by spending a maximum of three days in jail and paying a $100 fine.

"Increased penalties for possession of smaller amounts of marijuana will help the city more effectively deal with the drug problem on our streets," said Reed. "This is a small step towards cleaning up Cleveland and making a better city for the residents to live in."

Currently, anyone caught with less than 100 grams of the illegal substance is charged with a minor misdemeanor, which is a ticketable offense.

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FUCK THAT, that will do nothing except fill up jails with 3-day offenders and spend more tax dollars to upkeep the jails WTF this guy is stupid.
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