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Pending drug screen


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ok i had been smoke free for just a little over a month now. Im in the middle of changing careers and figured i might need to pass a piss test. I have not been getting the calls that i wanted. and last night was given and smoked half a joint (ok 3/4 of the joint). As luck would have it the call i have been wanting came this AM. I need to take a piss test tomorrow. I have been reading the forums most of the day and this is what i have done so far.

1. Started drinking water.
2. Bought Q carb32 from GNC
3. Bought home drug test from Walgreen's.

From 8 am till about 8 pm i had about 8 glasses of water. one small bottle of cranberry juice. 1 multi vitamin. I ate lunch and had dinner at 6 pm. At 9 pm i took home drug test and followed directions to the letter! Test came back negative. urine didnt appear to be diluted and had yellow tint .

I am 5' 11" about 190 195 im not very athletic but i dont let my self get to out of shape.

I guess i really dont have a question , but would welcome any comments or thoughts. I read on the test package that the minimum time for thc to stay in your system is 6 to 18 hours with a maximum time of 28 days. Im hoping that because i have not used in so long, combined with the small amount, that I am going to be ok with the real test. I will drink the Q carb in the am and take the test. I will report back with results as soon as i know.

Please feel free to leave any comments good or bad.



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that's so wierd, i did the exact same thing last friday, bought the q carbo from the vitamin shoppe, i passed the home piss test, and i'll find out tommorrow if i passed the real one, but this system has never let me down, so i'm feeling good.


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oh and you will be fine, because before my test, i've been smoking a half ounce a week every week for about a year now, i got a good deal, so you know what they say, smoke em if you got em


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if your system is completly clean thc leaves your body withing a day or two. three weeks if for a daily user and I've hear of people failing tests after 3 months, but those are only hardcore stoners.
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