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Pentagon Outsources The War On Drugs

Jim Finnel

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Did you know that the Pentagon was involved in the War on Drugs? I didn't.

Last month, the Department of Defense let a five-year, $15 billion contract to Raytheon Technical Services Co., Lockheed Martin Co., Northrop Grumman Corp., Arinc Inc., and Blackwater USA to help with our off-shore War on Drugs. Under an indefinite delivery indefinite quantity contract, "companies will develop and deploy new surveillance technologies, train and equip foreign security forces and provide key administrative, logistical and operational support to Defense and other agencies such as the Drug Enforcement Administration."

For example, a sample contract in Afghanistan called for developing a program to train border police so that they can better patrol guard crossings, thus preventing the flow of contraband.

A reminder: this is $15 billion that we don't have. This is a credit card drug war.

Reportedly, a 2003 UN report estimated the value of the global illicit drug market at the wholesale level to be only $13 billion. In other words, for less than the price of these contracts, we could pay all the producers of illicit drugs not to produce the raw materials.

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The author is right about the credit card thing. The US is so far in the hole $$ wise it is worse than stupid, ridicules, assanine, insane all put together to the 420th power. We can't afford the Iraq war, the war on drugs or much of anything, really.

We must get back to smaller less powerful over we the peeps gov.

I think Ron Paul is a Godsend for the USA. It's up to us now to vote him in. We have a true Constitutionalist as a Prez candidate. Now the ball is in our court.

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