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People United For Medical Marijuana - A Florida Political Committee

Jim Finnel

Fallen Cannabis Warrior & Ex News Moderator
The Plan

The goal of this committee is to restore liberties to Floridians. We have the right to safe, affordable, and effective medication. We are collecting signatures on a petition to support a constitutional amendment that gives patients the right to grow, obtain, purchase and possess medical marijuana under a doctor's supervision. We need signatures from over 700,000 registered voters and donations exceeding $5 million. The deadline for the 2010 election ballot is February 1, 2010. We are encouraging a letter writing campaign to prompt the legislators to pass a bill giving Floridians these rights sooner, rather than later.

Our first step has been to utilize the internet for networking an extensive group of supporters. We have over 3,000 members on Facebook | Welcome to Facebook and that number is growing rapidly. Each of these members will tell 20 friends, who will tell another 20 friends, and we will have collected 1.2 million signatures. After we get the required signatures, we have to make sure to get the votes. This will take direct marketing methods such as targeting registered voters by mail and walking the neighborhoods. All of the supporters who signed will also donate $5, giving us $6 million to ensure a successful campaign.

We have been contacting private individuals who often support these types of movements with large donations. We are developing a network of businesses, doctors, and lawyers who will help us contact their customers and clients for the purpose of gaining volunteers and donations. Retails stores will sell t-shirts and other promotional items as source of raising funds and advertising.

Fund raising events such as concerts, walkathons, golf tournaments, and silent auctions are being planned. Volunteers and event booths will be placed at public events to educate, collect signatures, and accept donations. Promotional techniques will include multi-media advertising, printed literature, public event placement, and personal networking.

People United for Medical Marijuana
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