Perfect Sun 1000 LED Grow Light Discussion & How To Beat A 1000w HPS

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Hello, This is Neil from Black Diamond LED (Perfect Sun) at growpotcheaply

thank you everyone that participated in the free light giveaway. I will try to do another one in the future.

So, I will start off by showing how to properly use a Perfect Sun 1000 and how it beats out a 1000w HPS for square foot coverage. It's an extremely powerful light that gets over 100,000 lux at 2 feet away and over 1600 par.

I can offer $100 off discount to all 420 members as a way to give back to this awesome community.

Here is the webpage that goes into details about the light, such as the three year warranty for parts and labor, the try it it for 90 days return it policy, etc.

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Hi Neil, Im in the market for an led. I HAVE been growing with hds and his for years. Can you make me a believer in led. It is yet to be seen. I want to see it for myself. The cost of great led's has deterred me!!! I HAVE solar energy so cost foe elec. Isn't the issue, it about performance. Lets here your opinion? I just want great performance with a honest price. Thanks plumbcrazy.
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Plum, I am offering 420members a $100 discount. I forgot to put the link to the discount page, though, so here it is.

To use this light, you really need a light mover because it is just too powerful to stand still. I am growing with it standing still in a closet, to show it can be done, but I am 2.5 away from my plants, and they are flowering. The link to the grow journal is in my sig.

Click here for the 420 $100 discount page to get it for $800 instead of $900.
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So someone asked me to make a video showing the average par reading for a 4x4 space. The Perfect Sun 1000 got a huge number that others do not get. And that is from 3 feet away, not using a light mover. A light mover turns this thing into a beast that can easily cover 8x 3.5 feet, so 28 square feet, which is more than 5x5, which is 25 square feet.

Here is the video.



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That might have been me. Thanks for posting. Numbers look good. Wish I was rich, I might finally take the plunge into the world of LED and see if it's for me (I've tried just about everything else other than sulfur plasma lighting, lol).
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I'd like to see three of them on a Sun Circle, lol. But my budget (and garden) wouldn't support one. I bet it would be an interesting grow, though....
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mypassion, for 520-540w, I don't think anything will compare to what my spectrum and unique blend of lenses can do. Just 60 par from my light grew a nice bud.

Tortured, that would be awesome.

Oh, new 233w light coming very soon. It doesn't need a light mover, and will cost around $340. Perfect Sun Dwarf Star--name thanks to Shiggityflip.
Glad to see you went with that name. Dwarf Star was perfect. Any estimated time on the Perfect Sun "Super Nova"? One weeks grow in the Red cups and my plants already need to be transplanted under the Perfect Sun 1000. this thing is crazy!!! my light mover was delayed until the 10th. dont want to repot these before I have the mover but they growing so damn fast
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Okay, so, the Perfect Sun 500 is ready, BUT... I have to create the webpage still and I am super busy. Hopefully, I will have them available for sale by tonight. I only have a few so I think they will go fast. However, I have more in the works.

Here is an unboxing of the Perfect Sun 1000. I beefed up the boxing for shipping. I also show the light and talk about a few other tweaks I made to the light. I slightly altered the spectrum to give a bit higher red output and slightly lower blue output. I also reduced the center hot spot, and now the light more evenly spreads the light. Great for 8x4.

These updates aren't enough to run and buy a new one if you have a first generation PS1000. I'm still using the first generation.

Oh, the Perfect Sun 500 covers a core of 3x3 feet and max of 3.5x3.5 feet. it is almost a perfect 1x1 foot square light. It only uses 213w.

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I'm jumpin on this PS 500 next week. Thanks LEDRF for developing such an awesome light! I had 450 budgeted to build a cree cob light, it can wait a bit till I have less things on my plate to do.
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Love the PS 500, but the Dwarf Star may fit me better.
Excellent! Will be waiting patiently.
I'm subscribed to your website will I get a notification through email about the dwarf star release?
Thanks Neil!