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Perfect Sun Goliath V2 Get One Free To Grow 2 Pounds Or More

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Alright, so we are giving away a free Goliath v2 to someone that already grows huge plants but wants to do it with fewer watts. The Goliath V2 uses around 740 watts, and we have easily yielded 2-pound plants from it.

Learn about the Goliath v2 here Perfect Sun Max Yied LED Yieds 3 pounds - BTW, during checkout use Farmer50 to save $50 on the Max Yield or Goliath v2. This is the 420 members discount. You will see a place to put a coupon code toward the end of the checkout process.

So we want someone to really push this light to the limit by growing a high yield strain.

Okay, so how do you get a free light?
1. Must have a USA or Canada address.
2. Must have at least one successful grow journal here with growing big yields.
3. Link to your biggest yielding grow.

If this thread gets enough people showing their big yield journals, we will also give away a Max Yield, and perhaps a new quantum board Dwarf Star.

West Hippie

Grow Journal of the Month: June 2020


Grow Journal of the Month: July 2020
oh my ... i've finally seen an overkill light that'll destroy lightzilla.
it looks a beast. i wouldn't be eligible, but there are lot of fantastic deserving growers here.

thanks to @Perfect Sun LED for this opportunity. and good luck to everyone. :)


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Oh Wow! Been looking at Perfect Sun for ages!
Here's my heaviest journal link. Post #714 mentions projected weight. That was a good run. I like the light bar concept of spreading light around! What a beautiful piece of equipment! Three pounds is one of my goals!


Plant of the Month: Sept 2021
Great news that you are still developing awesome lights.
I do grow large plants indoors.
Problem is I don't have a good journal to show this as of yet.
This is an Alien OG from the link in my profile. The journal was really not finished due to unfortunate circumstances.
My baby girl producing over 18 zones.

An Alien OG.

Next is a Cookie that came in at 15.3 oz.
she needed a side light along with the overhead one due to her size. 4 foot w x 4 foot w x 5+ foot high.
With her was a Hybrid GSC that came in at 9.4 oz. 3'x3'x4' foot plant.

After harvest. In a 4 foot x 4 foot cabinet.

My current grow is of the Comparison Grow by 420 and Weed Seeds Express.
Link in in my profile.
Not as big as I expected, but very nice!

Grow room is basically 4.10 feet wide by 11.8 feet long with an 8 foot ceiling.

Love to give your light a go in my domain!
Also I have 2 other rooms for growing in.

Thank you for the opportunity to use your product!


Plant of the Month: Sept 2021
Some photos of the 2 pound Carnival we grew with Perfect Sun. 905 grams dry. She was like 6 feet wide.



2 pounds dried and bagged.

And here is a cola from a 2 pound Haze we grew

critical haze3.jpg
Damn.... Looking Great!
Like to see what I can do with your light!

Tokin Roll

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I do one plant DWC in a 4x4 tent the first image is a 3x3 scrog net.

The last three is a 4x4 net. I think. :19:

This is just what my current light can do.

Stay safe and grow well my friends,

Tok.. :bong:

edit: The strains are OGKZ, Green Crack and the last is Big Bud.
SCROG step 4.jpg

1 Mars Hydro  Green Crack.jpg

2 Mars Hydro  Green Crack.jpg

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Tokin Roll

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I'm averaging around 750g in a 4x4 with MH/HPS, although I had some issues on my last grow. My highest yield was journaled in 420mag a few years ago, link below. Counting everything it came to 851g. Strains were Damnesia and Special Kush:

Motafina - 2nd grow - Damnesia and Special Kush


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In the spirit of keeping this rolling, here is my biggest plant. It was my last harvest in a 4x4. I fluxed or manifolds my freebie seed of Francos lemon cheese. It was my biggest, stankiest, and strongest lady I have ever grown. I guess I would be down to do one massive plant in my new 4x4 but maybe this time a big hydro dwc.

To be clear, the lower right side is a different plant grown in a 5 gallon. But the majority was the Franco lemon cheese. I'll link the journal. If I do another big one it would be a grand daddy purple.

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Just some facts.

The Black Diamond Perfect Sun Goliath V2 will easily replace a 1000w HPS double ended bulb and only uses 680w. It will cover up to 5x5 feet with ease.

This light is as powerful as the Max Yield. The benefit of this light is that you can get much closer to your plants, up to a foot away. In fact, during flower, you want to be around a foot away from the tops of your plants. What is awesome about this bar design is that it can grow a five-foot-tall plant because it has high par at 6 feet away from the light.

Goliath V2 is fan-less, and thus silent. It uses passive cooling.

I wonder what the operating temp is?

This will fit perfectly in your 4x4 tent as its size just under 3.5 feet.

This is what I’m talking about.

This light will replace any light you have and give you greater yields.

This is like teasing me.

People wanted a light to replace their 1000w HPS. The Perfect Sun Goliath V2 exceeds any HPS and LED. It has greater PAR and penetrates deeper into your plant, which means larger yields.

I am convinced, I want it.

So far with all my lights, good growers are getting 2 grams per watt.

I believe it.

This light is extremely powerful at 1700umols PPF and 2.7umol/J.

You’re, darn too ton it is.

Double lends technology for deep penetration into your plants.

That’s what makes my ladies happy.

Easy snap-together assembly.

Now where talking.

All and thank you @Perfect Sun LED for an opportunity to get the Black Diamond Perfect Sun Goliath V2.


Tokin Roll

Grow Journal of the Month: June 2021 - Member of the Month: July 2021

Tokin Roll

Grow Journal of the Month: June 2021 - Member of the Month: July 2021
Thank you again, @Perfect Sun LED for this great opportunity.

This is my current grow of Three Blue Kings aka The Blues Bothers.

She is currently at day 4 of flower.

Three Blue Kings 8-25.jpg

One plant.

Stay safe, and grow well my friends,

Tok.. :bong:
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