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Perfect Sun LED: Higher Par Than 1000w HPS, Save $50, Q&A


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Hey, so I've been working hard to get the new Perfect Sun COB to the market, and it is finally here. I also have a $50 discount for you guys.

Black Diamond LED grow lights Perfect Sun

This light is amazing. It covers 4x4 with the same average umols as a 1000w HPS, and has a more efficient spectrum, pulling 2 to 2.8 pounds per light. Video evidence at the end of the video on the page.

Also, Here are my other discount pages.

Goliath $50 discount

Black Diamond LED grow lights Perfect Sun

PS 1000 $100 discount

Black Diamond LED grow lights Perfect Sun


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re: Perfect Sun LED - Higher Par Than 1000w HPS - Save $50 - Q&A

Between the PS 1000 and the COB, it is a no brainer. Bigger yields with the COB. However, for vegging, no light in the world can beat the PS 1000, covering 8x4, fast veg growth, short node spacing with only 530w.


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I'm still looking to replace my gavita 1000w de. I really like it but it puts allot of heat in the room, I can only run it at 750w or my a/c can't Krupp it cool enough. My room is about 6x5.5ft. What would you recommend ledrf?


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We shortened the travel of our PS1000 to about 4' and the growth rate is amazing. Pausing at the ends for 20 seconds. No bleaching after 3 weeks at 30" above canopy.


Thanks again for making these lights. They are simply amazing. Relatively no heat as well. :thanks:


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Nismo. Thank you. That is how I've been recommending people to flower with it. Cover 4x4 or 5x4. Where the PS 1000 really shines, though is as a veg light. 8x4 and all the plants grow quickly with short node spacing. For 530w, I don't know any other combination of light that can veg such a huge area with around the same watts.


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Im running my ps 1000 at 36" with 3' of travel and maybe 20 second delay of the lightrail 4.0 over 4 seedlings and there stacking tight nodes with almost zero stretch. Really cool to watch.
Doing great Pennywise looks really flawless at this point


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Re: Perfect Sun LED - Higher Par Than 1000w HPS - Save $50 - Q&A

I'm still offering a free COB to sponsor a grow. Need someone that can do SOG or get high yields.
Well in that case many on here can do that. You should have who ever wishes to do so PM you and you choose which one wins.
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