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Permethrin for pests do damage to plants?


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I was thinking about mixing a diluted premethrin + soap to a sprayer to kill the mites, white flies, caterpillars, aphids, etc. i have almost every pest you could think of on my outdoor girls. they are thriving but if i do not get this under control i fear i will lose my crop. I have tried Neem oil to no avail. I have an organic gardeners guide with everything about organic gardening but i haven't the materials to make these types of sprays. My main concern is it safe or will it kill my plants? I need an affordable remedy to this problem and the premethrin is readily available in my home. I almost forgot there was some white powdery substance on my stalks a few days ago but after a few days of over 95 degrees it has seemed to disappear. I have read conflicting reports on this and any information about this topic would be greatly appreciated.

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