Perpetual Grow For My Beautiful Broken Brain


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Well folks, I made it through my 1st time grow for my beautiful broken brain so now it’s time to keep up the learning and growing in every way.

I’ve been away from the forum for a couple of months now as I had to step away from cognitive energy and time spent reading and writing to establish a life for myself in the community.

I have been busy with my local brain injury charity and support group in helping setting up an allotment and sensory garden.

We have 2 garden projects to get stuck into which will provide lots of beneficial therapy to many of my fellow broken brain buddies.

I dropped new seeds pretty much straight away after I made harvest and we are so close to finishing.

I’m afraid I haven’t been as detailed in my documentation of this grow as I was my first but this I do plan on improving as we go.

So I will leave you with a little teaser to what medicinal delights I have blooming in my garden before I get you all caught up to where we are.

But before I do I would like to show my huge gratitude to each and everyone of you that followed along and guided me to the finish line especially @Lady G2HM @SweetSue @KingstonRabbi @Glasgrow @LadyGaea @Pennywise @bobrown14 @Smeegol @Kingjoe83
Please forgive me if I haven’t mentioned you by name her but please let me assure you that you have all made such an indescribable difference to my life and I have love for you all :green_heart::420:


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Hey glad your doing good and welcome back I hope to see you around in s journals this winter . You got to look after miner one first sometimes .

Glad to have helped you along your travels and to be a part of your journey here ✊

Always here if you need me simple as a pm :passitleft:
I sprouted 4 beans pretty much straight after my 1st harvest, 2 x White Widow, 1x Medical Mass and 1x CBD Mass that was kindly gifted to me @Lady G2HM :Namaste:.

Unfortunately I accidentally dropped 1 of the White Widow sprouts.

The remaining WW turned out to be a male so I grew him anyway, collected some pollen and had another go at some breeding.

I’ve definitely got a few seed pods on both Medical Mass and CBD Mass :D.

So without further waffling on, here’s a wee introduction to my 2 ladies.

Medical Mass


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CBD Mass


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Hey glad your doing good and welcome back I hope to see you around in s journals this winter . You got to look after miner one first sometimes .

Glad to have helped you along your travels and to be a part of your journey here ✊

Always here if you need me simple as a pm :passitleft:
Thanks Joe, you always have a spot in my garden too bud :Namaste:
Nice to see you again
Thanks Blew, it’s great to be back.
I just got caught up on your journal today, now those are gonna be some monsters in your greenhouse o_O
@ginganinja30 !
Life is journey and you help make it beautiful! Cheers lil brother!

Why thank you so much LadyGaea, I’ve missed your wee soul

Can’t wait to see what you have waiting for us this next round.

It’s been fun seeing how my grow environment reacts in the warmer weather PW, these plants can take me school everyday :yummy:
Thanks sis, I got more confidence this time with my white widow male and have some more pollen in the freezer.
Lots more experiments to be had :high-five:
Oooooo! Getting exciting for you! Awesome!:cheer:

you totally just made my day mr.G........:laugh:

I love it you come back with one the most grandest entrances for a new journal ever, it was like I'm back, did this and this and oh by the way I'm about to harvest my 2nd grow too...

You are amazing and what you are doing to help others is very humble of you.....
you would never even have to earn my respect.....
good man......:passitleft::green_heart:
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