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Perry Parks: Local Man Leads Fight to Legalize Marijuana in N.C.

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One man is leading the fight to legalize medical marijuana in North Carolina.

Supporters said medical marijuana provides them relief from a host of ailments, especially chronic pain.

But critics of medical marijuana said the drug is illegal and should stay that way.

Fifteen states have legalized medical marijuana and another dozen are considering doing so this year.

On Wednesday, North Carolina became the newest state to consider medical marijuana, mostly thanks to the efforts of retired military man and president of the NC Cannabis Patients Network, Perry Parks.

Parks said he’s a user of medical marijuana for chronic pain. He used his story to convince skeptical lawmakers to support medical marijuana.

His efforts paid off Wednesday when Democrat Pricey Harrison co-sponsored House Bill 577 or the NC Medical Cannabis Act.

Critics argued that marijuana can get addictive and can lead to use of harder drugs.

But Parks said he believes attitudes are changing.

This is the third effort to legalize medical marijuana in NC in recent years.

Harrison said given the current environment in Raleigh, it’s not likely to pass this time either.

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