Personal Organic Grow with Mars Hydro


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Strain - Incredible Bulk - (3x Indica strains Big Bud, Super Skunk and Green Spirit).

Growing medium - Canna Terra Professional along with some amendments

Amendments - Dolomite Lime, Bonemeal, fish blood and bone, Volcanic Rock Dust, Worm Castings, Bat Guano and Rootgrow Mycorrhizal Fungi.

Feeding - The plant will only be fed on water plus Black Treacle (in place of Molasses) and Epsom salts when and needed.

Lights - Veg under 2x 300w Mars Hydro LED's (60x5's)
Flowering - Mars II 1600w and 2x 96X3 Reflectors as side lighting

Seed was popped between 2 wet paper towels enclosed between 2 saucers over a period of around 40 hours.

The seed was planted today with an around 7-8mm taproot into a 20 litre Air Pot filled with bog standard soil along with Perlite. It will stay here for around 14 days minimum until I transplant it into a different Air Pot with the above ingredients.

I'll see how things go and keep the journal updated as and when.


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The Incredible Bulk popped her head yesterday and today she is starting the stretch. The shell is still clinging on but I don't consider that a problem, it will fall off soon enough. She was given a little water and other than that there is nothing to report. Here she is at the back of my veg tent :thumb:



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Welcome aboard ClosedCircuit. It won't be anything special and may even fail. I'm no gardener but it's about time I stopped messing around with chemicals. Hopefully I can do this and get a bit of bud out of it at the end. All the best


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Hey Weaselcracker great to see you here. I'm not sure what will happen with this grow as it's my first time growing it this way too, but it can't be as bad as my other grows if it's at least all organic. I've not followed any specific recipe and in fact I took Conradino's advice and pretty much threw whatever I could get my hands on in the mix, including a chunk of my own soil from the garden. I think he was a bit irate with me at the time for making it all seem harder work than it possibly is, but those words stuck and as I was already interested in keeping my soil live instead of sterile I guess it kind of grew on me over time.

There won't be anything special as it's more a journal of documentation rather than one for show, and if there are any reasonable results I will start writing down the quantities of my amendments, how it's mixed and where it's left to sit etc and hopefully in the future I won't need to refer back to it as much but will then be able to write an informative journal for other people as I would have loved to have had a source that said "use this - or this, add it with this and leave to sit for two weeks", something that covers regional differences so that people outside of the US aren't searching for overpriced imported Alfalfa meal etc, and people in the US struggling to find Sphagnum peat moss (plenty in Britain yet in Canada I read there is a low supply of which one company takes a 53% share per year). I'd like to make it easier on the complete beginner. In around 20 years time maybe I'll know enough to be able to take people through from start to finish, but for now I'd be happy with a sure way of getting started, Conradino's words have encouraged that. TheCelt actually set up a thread doing this to help me, but unfortunately it went way too technical for someone growing up amidst the concrete jungle over here and I got lost. But those one set of words inspired me.

Anyway I digress, I've just woken up and not had a smoke yet so my mind is wandering, if that's a wall of text above I'll fix it after the post, these phone screens make it all awkward for me to consider paragraphs and writing form. Well it was a long winded hello Weaselcracker, but yeah it's good to see you stumbled across here and I'll not apologise for advertising this particular thread to my friends as I did that explaining on my other thread. All the best mate :thumb:


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Hey Kriaze. I've been suffering from time management issues lately. Lack of it mainly.
I had to laugh when I read your comment about the sphagnum moss shortage in Canada, since where I live in the great white(ish) North it is an near endless landscape of sphagnum bog, starting about 20 feet from my door.
It seems like no matter how many times I go through it, I always notice the same little hurdles when it comes to learning new things. Things I've never done always seem exotic and somewhat impressive, even if people say it's easy. The stuff I've already done doesn't seem all that impressive and if anyone asks I'm at pains to explain that it's really simple.
I know I should be encouraged when people mix up soil recipes by feel and just throw in ' a pinch of this and a dash of that'. And I'm sure I'll be doing that soon enough- and telling people how it's easy and just throw any old thing in there and mix it up.
But for now that type of mix makes me a feel bit like -I don't know where to start. I admit I have barely even taken baby steps in the organic soil direction yet for cannabis, so actually don't have have any excuse at all for my alleged confusion. It's always attractive to have a basic recipe to follow though, as a starting point. That's why I tried to order the Clackamass Coot soil package from B.A.Soil. It didn't work out because shipping rates to my area are outrageous, and also because they don't want to answer my emails.
All this to say I'm happy you're doing this and keen to see what you come up with. Hope all is well with you Kriaze.


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Hey Weaselcracker all is good over here at the moment thanks. All that gold lying around your feet you lucky geezer :) I had to order a mix of SPM as unfortunately it's not local to me but in turn I do have the luxury of being able to go for a walk and collect seaweed and shells from one direction and plenty of decomposing leaves along with worm castings from the other. Other than that I'm just trying to make my own compost by using a shovel full of soil from the garden in with my kitchen waste along with boxes of bonemeal and such with which I just chuck a little bit of this and a dash of that lol. Once that is cooked over the winter I'll be giving it a try, if it works for me then anyone can do it! Until then I've done pretty much the same thing except I bought in the Canna Soil and didn't add my home made (or making as it is currently) compost. The way I see it is, if it's natural it can't do too much harm to the plants.

I do enjoy the mixing of nutrients and playing around with chemicals but I realise now that it's killing nature and that is definitely not something that I want to either be doing myself or encouraging other people to do. Plus there was probably good reason why I was banned from chemistry in senior school and told that I should never ever touch chemicals again, but hey I found out how well magnesium burns...and that kind of sums up about how I approach my meddling in life =] It might not be the best approach or even the greatest outcome, but I'll learn something one way or another. Here's to keeping fingers, toes and legs crossed that we all get lucky. All the best, peace


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OK so I made a bit of a booboo when I planted the Incredible Bulk into that large pot. I was thinking that I would transplant it after 14 days or so into organic soil, but now realise that I may stress the plant. I think what I will do is cout a plantpot shape around it and try and repot it that way.

I've also dropped two Dark Devil Auto seeds. I was unsure as to whether the Canna Terra Professional soil would be too hot for them due to conflicting information on the internet so I potted one into bog standard soil and one straight into CTP. Both have sprouted and I'll just wait and see what happens now. I've also just received some Plant Magic Plus soil along with Oldtimers Grow and Bloom bot of which are organic feeds. Those along with the Fishmix, Humboldt's SGT, Epsom salts and Black Treacle (couldn't find Molasses) should be more than enough for the plants this time around. That's if they even need them with all the amendments that I've added. I've also added a good handful of Diatmoaceous Earth to my soil mix which is here waiting on whichever plant gets unlucky enough to try my concoction. I'm still waiting on compost to break down in my tumblers, so much for the 4 week breakdown as was advertised but I'm hopeful that it will be done by Spring.

Here's a little family shot of the vegging tent as of two days ago:


The same tent again as of last night:


The two Dark Devil Auto's that I've planted. The closest to the camera went directly into CTP whereas the one furthest away has gone into bog standard soil first:


Last but not least is the Incredible Bulk 3 that I will try to repot into organic soil:


I hope everyone is well and if anyone advises against my trying to repot the IB3 please let me know and your reasons why. Thanks all, I hope you are all well.


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Hey Kriaze. I'm a fan of transplanting. I just do it whenever the mood strikes me, and I can't say I've ever had any problems doing so. As it's a very small plant you have a chance of being able to scoop up the entire little root system with a bit of luck. If you do it when the plant is bigger, you will probably cut and break some roots, but on the other hand the plant will have more roots to spare. I think right now you could jam a shovel down one side and your hand down the other and scoop out the whole thing no problem.

I used to grow from seed mostly, as I have a big bagful from accidental pollination mishaps. I would just throw those seeds in the pot very thickly and let them grow, and thin out the weaklings from the resulting jungle. Then when I was down to the best 5-10 plants in the pot I would dump the whole thing out of the lot, rip the tangled rootball apart to separate the individual plants, and plant them. They're tough little things and I never had any issues. I do like to pre-mix the soil so it's quit dry/slightly moist before doing the transplant, rather than pot it up dry and try to water afterwards, as I used to do, which doesn't work very well. The roots spread fast in the relatively dry soil, and by the time you have to water again the root system will hopefully be big enough to handle a little flooding.


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High there fellow 420Magazine members. Just a little update on the two seedlings for now as over the next couple of days I will be repotting the Incredible Bulk 3 plant. she's had her 14 days grace before I unsettle her and that gave my soil mixture time to cook too.

As for the two Dark Devil Auto's they both seem to be doing fine. I thought that the CTP may be too hot for a seed but there are no issues as of yet, in fact she seems to be outgrowing the one that was planted in bog standard soil. If any issues appear in the future I will know for sure but for now I'm happy with planting directly into CTP. Here are a couple of pictures of the seedlings:

Dark Devil Auto in bog standard soil:


Dark Devil Auto in CTP:


It's too early to tell yet but they both seem to be doing ok as of now. I'll update again when I transplant the IB3 into my own soil mix, fingers crossed that all doesn't go to shit. All the best
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