Peru Set To Legalize Medical Marijuana

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Peru has announced that it is drafting legislation to set up a wide-reaching medical cannabis program.

The Congressional Committee on National Defense in Peru has agreed to the new bill, which will include a framework for medical cannabis. While officials there are not interested in legalizing dried flower cannabis, they are looking to cannabis oil extracts, which could be used to treat patients with cancer, epilepsy and Parkinson's.

Peruvians grew frustrated after cops there raided a makeshift cannabis laboratory in Lima, the capital city. This lab was being used by mothers who were extracting cannabis to treat their babies with. A poll which followed that raid found that 65 percent of Peruvians believe cannabis should be legalized for medical use.

The new bill would also provide for the production, importation, and distribution of medical cannabis for approved patients, while domestic cannabis grown in Peru would also be licensed and controlled by government authorities.

Soon after the bill is approved, it will be forwarded to the Health Commission in Peru's Parliament for debate and vote.

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