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Pest ID, please


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This evening, I was doing some bottom trimming on one of my plants. I found this critter beneath the bottom fan leafs, netted around approximately one inch of stalk. I actually had touched it, fearing it a mold.

I've attempted to identify it through a basic description, but failed. Its closest match was the Wooly Aphid. Yet, these insects do not have wings. They do jump, however, and eject lines of silk/webbing. Like the aforementioned aphid, it is bright white and very fuzzy. Here are two photos. I apologize for the lack of clarity, but they're incredibly white and are under full-spectrum bulbs.



I appreciate any help, alongside additional information regarding the insect.


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Looks like an Anormenis Chloris Nymph, or Northern Flatid Planthopper.

The fuzzyness is a wax they secrete when they hatch.

When fully grown these bugs are usually white, tan or green in color, and they jump like SUPER fast.

It IS a plant eating insect, and they usually suck the sap from smaller diameter but I'm seeing they don't cause too much damage, but too many feedings can kill seedlings or plants.
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