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SNS is some great stuff, totally safe and works awesome. That being said Neem is also great. Many premixed sprays you see are just diluted neem oil. I hear cold pressed neem oil is the best, and I have some in a concentrate that I mix myself per instruction on the bottle $5 or so local. I think it smells terrible, but its a miticide, pesticide, and fungicide. It works best as a preventative, keeping these pests at bay. Neem will also work pretty good after the fact. If your trying to get rid of a heavy infestation, or it happens to be some of the worst kind like spider mites or mold, I would go with something stronger. But neem is a pretty handy tool that I recommend to any grower of any plant.


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Best bang for buck is using natural predators Stratiolaelaps scimitus for soil and Neoseiulus fallacis for foliage. Won't have spider mite, fungus gnats, root aphids, springtails, thrips unlikely, broad mite, russet mite, and more, and just the one application right at the start during seeding/planting is good for the life of the plant. And then you don't have nasty ass chemicals on your plant too.
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