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Guy Cavallero

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I have a 120 lb Giant Schnauzer. He's coming up to 9 years old and in the past 6 months his hips are really starting to bother him. He has trouble getting up and his legs certainly don't allow him to walk nearly as far as he used to and honestly. ...he still wants to. His mind is awesome, but his legs and hips....... I give home over 1500 MG of Glucosamine a day, as well as a healthy does of Chondroitin. I also give him 1/2 a children's Tylenol in the morning and in the evening. I'm looking for some help if anyone has heard or has any experience with treating a pet with CBD or THC for pain and/or inflammation?


I still advise you to consult your Vet. Yes, CBD or THC is good treating it but it works on human. there's a high chance that it will work too. But to avoid any conflicts Vet should recommend it to you first. Good luck on your bestfriend. I hope for his fast recovery.

Guy Cavallero

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Thanks Xavier. I was coming on today to tell everyone that my big boy is doing much better. I have been administering him glucosamine / chondroitin and 2 children's Tylenol every day for the past couple of months, as he was having issues walking and sometimes even getting up. His 7 km daily walk became 6, then 5, 4, 3.....to this point where he wanted to go but wouldn't make it any further than our stop sign. Keep in mind he's 120 lbs, he's not out of shape, has all of his marbles and wants to go and go and go. His age and likely the early onset of arthritis have been limiting this.

That being said......I did speak to my vet. I did get the OK to take him off aspirin and try him on a CBD/THC blend. He is currently getting 1/2 ml of a 14/1 blend in the morning only, and he has made an absolutely massive recovery. We are still giving him glucosamine in his food, but nowhere near the amount, and his aspirin have been eliminated all together.

Time will tell, but the fact that he's able to do the things he wants to has brought me to tears on more than one occasion now after watching him slowly deteriorating. I love my boy and I'd do anything to prolong his quality of life......thank god for the recent acceptance of these medications.

Guy Cavallero

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My boy is continuing to improve......thank god! One side effect of the CBD, seems to be that he eats everything......leaves, grass, our other dogs dinners etc.......could it be MUNCHIES, lol.....!?


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Thank you for the information here. I'm personally new to Medical Marijuana myself and have been having a bit a difficult time getting started if that makes sense.
I've been reading and reading and reading some more, trying to see what is best to start off with strain wise as well as method wise (trying vaping now). I suffer from severe chronic pain, OCD, stress, depression, and chronic migraines.

With that said, I've been reading more about how this can help our furry friends that suffer from pain and arthritis. Same as you, my girl (Pug age 10) is taking the Glucosamine 300mg/day and Rimadyl 37.5mg/day. My little girl is 15 lbs. and is the same as your Pup where she has the will and the want to do and go but suffers from the body pain.

I've been trying to see what could possibly help her. I was thinking some CBD Oil in her food, obviously a very small dosage to see how she does on it.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated. I just had her at the Vet and I didn't mention anything about this as I don't quite trust them, in that they are always pushing their Vet stuff and aren't really the type to have this discussion with.

Thank you for any advice or suggestions!

Guy Cavallero

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My boy is 9.5 now and still going strong. I DO actually give him 1 mil of CBD in the morning and in the evening to help with his arthritis and general "age". The CBD dose does have a small amount of THC in it in order to open up the receptors in my boys body to allow the CBD to do its thing. My 6 lb chihuahua is now also getting .2mil once a day too.....she is 10 and suffers from a bad right hip causing her some discomfort. Yesterday she ran around the dog park like a puppy.

I'd be glad to answer any questions about the CBD in my dogs. I now make my own CBD oil for them.
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