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Hey so I have a 125 watt or 100 watt lamp I'm not sure from my snake cage I also have a 160 watt if need be but I only have about 2.5 ft by 1 ft by 1.5 ft space which should I be using and I'm in germination stage I just planted my first set what's my light cycle and bonus points if you could calm my nerves on the I watered them filled up a container around their cups ands that all the water in they need right I just put the seeds in the dirt and filled about a half inch more of dirt watered and filled containers have I done this correctly


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What kind of light is it?

You also have a 160 watt what kind of light?

There are Incandescent, CFL, Fluorescent, HID, LED.

In that small of a space I would suggest only growing 1 plant.
Light cycle most commonly used is 18/6 for Veg, and 12/12 for Flower.

Am I understanding correctly.. you have your seeds in dirt in pots, and placed the pot inside a larger container, and filled that larger container with water?
If that is the case, get rid of that water. Cannabis grows best in well drained soils.


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Yes that is correct ok I'll change them out they are and I don't know what type of light it is non gas lizard heating lamp my 160 watt puts out almost 2000 lúmens and idk on the 125 I'll be upgrading there space in 2 weeks after germination
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