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Petition Aims to put IR-124 Back on 2012 Ballot

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KALISPELL- The medical marijuana industry is in the last two weeks of gathering signatures for a petition that will be submitted to the county elections office by September 30th. After the 30th any more petitions are void.

James Blair with Montana Cannabis Industry Association (MTCIA) says the signatures are for the referendum IR-124 which puts the initiative back on the ballot for all of Montana's to have the chance to vote on medical marijuana in 2012.

"No matter how you feel about medical cannabis it's about our voter rights. If you don't think the legislation should have the authority to overturn our votes like they did, you should sign the petition and get it signed and get it placed back on the ballot."


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The MTCIA is doing a poor job of getting the word out here in Montana. A person still has to go looking for a place to find the petition to sign. MTCIA should have every member shouting from the rooftops. They need to be on street corners, college campuses, malls., etc. letting people know that this petition needs to be signed! There is very little media coverage so it's up to MTCIA to make some noise!
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