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Petition Congress: Hold Medical Marijuana Hearings Now!

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Petition Congress:
Hold Medical Marijuana Hearings Now!

In 1999, the Institute of Medicine recommended that additional medical cannabis research be conducted and that the use of smoked cannabis be permitted for patients with debilitating symptoms who met a specific set of conditions. Recently, long-overdue research was published in Neurology indicating that smoked cannabis effectively reduces chronic neuropathic pain as well as acute pain for people living with HIV/AIDS. Despite the IOM recommendations, federal agencies discourage medical cannabis research like this study on neuropathic pain.

Sign the petition today to call on Congress to hold hearings on medical cannabis! Then, print out the one-sided PDF or the two-sided PDF of the petition and start gathering signatures at your work, school, home, church, and in your larger community. Our goal is to collect 50,000 signatures by June 1st. These petitions will be hand delivered to Congress by our National Office staff. Please join in our efforts and begin gathering signatures today!

Visit ASA's online action center to sign the petition: ASA : Take Action!


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I am going to do this. But once I get signatures where do I send them?
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