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Petition To De-Schedule Cannabis

Based on the current status (9k signatures) this petition isn't going anywhere. Is there a way to blast out the message (including the link to the petition) to all 420magazine users and also all the other social media sites as soon as the petition is created? If word gets out right when it is created that will maximize the exposure. I will happily do any of the legwork here but we need a concerted effort to reach the 100K. "All hands on deck" type of effort from folks to get the word out. I know there are millions of supporters - the key is getting the petition in front of them within the 30 day petition timeline.

My thoughts:

1. New petition will need to be created
2. Standardize a message to post with facts and include the petition link
3. Post the standard message on any and all social media sites (including 420Magazine - include it in your subbed threads, etc, as for help and support).
4. The push will have to continue everyday by any of us who take this on - continuous posting and support gathering throughout the 30 days to get maximum visibility and support.

I will craft a generic message and petition message and post it here later this week. If it is acceptable we can create a new petition and start the campaign.

If we are able to be organized enough we can get the 100K signatures but we will have to dedicate time EVERY DAY to spreading the word and gathering support.



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I agree hillbilly. For this to work it must be uniformed and organized. One petition, we'll written, that will be backed and spread by all. If we have a number of petitions going simultaneously we will never gather enough signatures. I'll sub for further discussion, I am willing to help spread the word.

Edit: definitely don't make anything just yet, discuss first. We have a 30 day limit so it'd be best to discuss and spread the word BEFORE, so when the petition is made everything is already in motion and people know that it is happening.


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SSDD.....probably no one told them it existed. I have a feeling all the insiders are standing by the side of the road waiting for the wreck instead of giving advice and helping keep the country out of the ditch. Rare I say this, especially here, but fv)k them all. Do the work of the people or get fired !! Too bad so many do not vote, don't care, or are just too stupid and lazy. </rant>
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