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Petition To Legalize Hemp: We The People


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This petition is being offered on the new We the People website.

Sign it to bring the signatures up to 5000, and it will be read by the President's staff.

The Petition reads as below:

End federal prohibition of hemp. Cannabis is too vital a resource to be kept out of the hands of the people.

End federal prohibition of hemp. Beyond rhetoric and politics, cannabis is too vital a resource to be kept out of the hands of American citizens. Whole cultures, including ours, were founded on cannabis cultivation, traceable to earliest human endeavors. Hampden, Hampshire, Hampton, Hemphill, Hempstead are common names of US localities named after hemp. Hemp can supplant trees for paper production and building materials; provide fiber and a biodegradable substitute for petroleum-based plastics; edible seeds offer the most complete protein found in the plant kingdom, and its oil contains a perfect balance of Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. Furthermore, the medicinal potential of cannabis is huge with anti-seizure, anti-tumoral and neuroprotective properties. Return hemp production to the people.

Source: We The People
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Re: Petition To Legalize Hemp: We The People.

I signed it :) I urge everyone to get involved and sign this, Hemp is one of the most valuable resources on our planet, and it needs to be legalized right away.


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I went to signin and it wouldent take my password .I cant understand, it took my vote for the cannibis resolution why not this? Something smell's fishey to me.

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Try it again slojoe. If need be, go to sign in, and then click on "Forgot Password". They will email you a new password right away, and then you can use that one to sign in. Don't give up :)


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Yes I ran into this same problem. Did the forgot password and got it strait after that. They really want a secure password. Vote for all the different things that you stand for, it takes some time but I hope everyone is passing the word about this. If it get 5,000 votes it must be publicly discussed by the administration.
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