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Ph- Adjust?


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I recently started having problems and have found out that its because of the ph level. I have tested the tap water that I have been using and it has been on the higher scale around 9+-. I did get a pH control Kit with a Base Solution, Acid Solution, and a tester(pour in three drops to a tube with the solution). On all of the instruction it says the "Nutrient Solution" which I am guessing is the the fertilization i do, but not often. So, my question is, would it work to just put a little acid in the tap water to get it into a rate of 5-6pH(by using tester) and water the plants that way?

* Reason for this question is because I thought the problem was a Nutrient problem before and it has been fertilized recently. I hear if you adjust your pH level after doing a lot of fert(which has not been absorbed because of pH) that you could kill your plants from too much. Thank you.


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Do yourself a HUGE favor and spend the money for a quality PH meter. I was using the little drop test kit, and where I thought my PH was high, I adjusted so, it was actually low, and I was compounding the problem. Almost lost them all, and definately lost more than the cost of the meter in yield.
I bought the Bluelab Combo meter, but looking back, I would buy just PH, as I grow in dirt, so I really don't mess with TDS. Just be careful with the probe. Already on my second one (at $65) after shaking the first one a little too vigorously, (like shaking down a thermometer). They are really fragile. Good growing!
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