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PH adjusted - Nutrients added - Now school me ppm - Picture


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Got all my stuff out last night. One problem, the meter I ordered only checks ppm, I thought I ordered a ph/ppm meter, so I'm using the colored chart for now.

Checked my tap water, it's 6ph and 71ppm.

I'm doing autos in a hempy.

I filled a one gallon milk jug, because I'm going to use this to water my plants. I added my ph down to get around 5ish, I added my nutrients using General Hydroponic guidelines. I added 1/4 teaspoon each of FloraGro, FloraMicro and FloraBloom to my one gallon of water. I added the micro first and then the others as per the instructions.

After mixing, my ph remained the same (good news). My ppm only went to 295. Is this normal /okay? I'm thinking it should be higher, right? If it should be higher, how do I do this? My thinking is to increase the amount of nutrients to increase my ppm, but I know over-nutes is bad.

I don't want to learn all this " on the fly", my beans will be here next week, so I need to educate myself BEFORE I start.

My set up is going to be....
Topled 300w
2 or 3 hempys
Perlite on bottom and perlite/vermiculite on top

I've tried to look around here for my ppm dilemma before posting this question, so please forgive me if I've missed something.



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Re: PH adjusted. Nutrients added.... Now school me ppm. Picture

dude I wish my tap water was that good,my tap water is 7.5 and 355PPM..I use rain water instead,7.0 and 30ppm

get the ph pen,way more important than the ppm pen,when doing a soiless grow

as far as ppm is concerned,I never try to go above 1000 even in late flower, seedling start at 100 then go up every week

add your nutrients FIRST never add ph adjuster BEFORE you add food..

You have some time too play around,grab a pen and a paper,everytime you mix something,write it down
grab a fresh gallon and for each nutrient you add, take ppm/ph reading in between mixes,that way you can paper trail your regiment
and if the need arises,after time,you wont need meters
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