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Ph dropped from 7 to 4.7 in 3 days!


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I transplanted my 7inch clones from Dixie cups from the club to fox farm soil, I watered them with purified water, until it came out the holes at the bottom, outa a 5 gallon jug bought new at walmart. The waters ph is a perfect 7, my soil still in the bag is a perfect 7 but after only 3 days the ph in both pots has dropped to 4.7! Any ideas?? Anything would help.

My light is a 150watt placed 20in above the tallest plant. My room is good temp at 77f with 40% humidity.


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Re: Ph dropped from 7 to 4.7 in 3 days!!

i can only guess that nutes are being released from the soil making it more acidic?

you say your soil is 7. try placing some in a cup that wont leak, soak it for 24h, then drain the juice and ph test that. ;)
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