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ok ph water 7 and made it 6.6 for every 1 litre i add 8 drops of lemon and soil is f****d up some between 6 and 7 and others between 2 and 4 can i ph test my runoff water and the supplies that i use to adjust the ph are lemon and baking soda are they good?
Dank said it. For me its so easy to use the premade stuff. 10 bucks is all it costs for some small bottles that will last quite a while.
When using ph up and down aren't you essentially adding non-organic fertilizer to your mix? Ph down adds N and P. Where Ph up adds K.
You have to be careful not to over fert if you are already using ferts on the strong side. Right? What about seedlings?
I have heard it is easy to burn seedlings when using ph up and down.
Is this true? :hmmmm:

For those that want to go totally organic they must us something else.
I use vingar to lower ph. But I use ph up to raise.
I only use vingar because I wanted to get used to using it since I am going to start some seedlings soon and I don't want to risk burning them.
I am pretty sure that baking soda is the right thing for raising the ph. I have never used it though. I also use dolomite lime in the soil to help balance the ph. I have heard others recommend using lemon juice to lower ph.

yeah u can burn seedlings easy, all in all, it doesnt take much to adjust it, your talkin about good quantities of the stuff, besides your supposed to empty ur res often anyway. ur not dumpin the whole bottle in there shit lol... dude u run a risk of burning plants everytime u put anything in that soil. doesnt matter what it is. if it has any properties that will benefit the plant. hell i burnt some plants once with superthrive.
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