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PH in organic soil?


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Hi guys I have a question about pH in soil my tap water is around 7 after adding organic bottle nutes (biobizz) my pH drops roughly to 5.8-6 which is quite low as far I know microbes in compost don't have problem to buffer pH soil unless the water is lower than 6 or higher than 8 I am right ?
I have a option to buy organic pH up which is based on humic acid should I consider it ?


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The issue is it's another hassule another money spend and I already have humic acid powder in my soil as I am adding it before putting to final pot so just looking for a opinion is it worth it or no. ^^


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if it isn't broken don't try to fix it , plants look good leave it alone ,ph only is a issue if your plants look unhealthy


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The only reason we adjust pH into a narrow soil or hydro range is because of synthetic nutes. They are packaged so they are inert in the bottle, but break up and become mobile when you put them in a fluid in that pH range. If you are not using synthetic chelated nutes, there is no need to pH adjust.

The soil, your microbes and the plant do not care about the pH as long as you are between 8-5.0... that range does not interfere with life and all will be good. In an organic grow there is normally no need to adjust pH. I would save your money on this purchase... buy some organic calmag instead.
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