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Ph issues after transplant?


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I transplanted my OXs and FLO-OGs a week and a half ago from 75%FFOF/25%Coco to 5 gal airpots with 100% FFOF and over the last couple days two of them have started to look like this

The other two are showing early signs as well. I flipped the lights to 12/12 a week ago after 2 months of veg. It's been a little warm in there as well but not above 86. Could it be Ph? It just seems weird that being in fresh dirt with only water it would start to develop these problems while it never had these problems when I was feeding them heavy (FF trio) in the smaller pots.

I flushed the two worst ones this morning and a couple small clusters of new leaves fell off completely. Sad.:helpsmilie:
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