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PH of runoff water for soil grows


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I replied to this in another thread, I'll bring here for ya. . .

Originally Posted by berrydizzle
Thanks for all the input guys. So I did a little maintenence in the garden when I got up today. Watered the babys with a 1/4 veg solution. The runoff water pH was pretty much between 4.2 and 4.5, and the soil pH on all 8 plants is a steady 6.5. No one has confirmed if those runoff pH values are normal. I am also glad to say that I have had some good growth since monday, 4 days. My plants have grown 2-3 1/2 inches in those 4 days. The tallest one is 19 and the shortest is 7 and a quarter, but that is only one that is under ten inches. Whats the best way to tie down plants to slow their vertical growth so my shorter ones can catch up. I want to flower around 20-24 inches. Thanks again.

In regards to your runoff ph, here is a little info for ya. .. it should NOT be that low. . . but maybe the test is skewed for one reason or another. . .

When your soil is dry and ready for your next watering, grab a decent amount of water you would normally use for watering. . and confirm that its ph is neutral 7.0. It is important knowing your water ph prior to doing the test. Place the pot to be tested on a bowl or something to catch the runoff. . . slowly pour your ph correct water into the pot untill the first few drops fall from the bottom of the pot. These first drops will give you the most reliable read, so try and not let too much water in. This water will probably test a little lower than you started, maybe like .5, but not much more. .

dolomite lime is a good way of balancing your soil ph to 7. Best to mix fine dolomite powder into your soil mix prior to planting, but if you need to balance it out for one reason or another you can get hydrated dolomite lime that can be added to water and then given to your babes. . . Hope this answers your question about runoff ph. . .:peace:



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4.5 ec in runoff? I only put 1.2-1.6 ec in late veg how is your run off coming out so high I'm growing in coco so a don't know if that matter this is my first grow, I've only tested my runoff twice and I used my normal mixture of 1.4ec both times it came up slightly lower 1.2 I think I'm going to run just ph 7 through with no nutes to see what comes back
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