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PH problems


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I don't know if its the heat, or the city water or what...latley I seem to be getting PH problems.

*I'm using Happy Frog in 3 gallon containers. I set my water for 6.5. 6.6 ish...NOW, my run off PH is way low, 4.9, 5ish

time for dolimite lime? how much?


Droopy Dog

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*I* apply dolo at the rate of, 2tbl/gallon of mix, or 1cup/CuFt of mix, so 6tbl for 3gal containers.

Just top dress and water in. It will take a couple weeks or so to have a noticeable effect. Lime isn't that fast even when mixed, so a top dress takes even longer.

Next time, be sure and add it to your mix before use.


Be Irie

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Actually, if you let the lime sit in water overnight it works faster then scratching it in, noticeably faster... NC, you should PH your soil and that will determine what PH your water should be......

Droopy Dog

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Droopy...set my water at 6.5-6.8?

thanks soo much


I don't pH anything anymore.:50:

Between the lime and a healthy microherd, whatever goes in gets buffered to the mid 6's.:yummy:

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