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Ph question


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Hard to say, a lot depends on your soil and it's ability to buffer or maintain it's pH.
But it sound like you are on the right track.
Test your runoff, that will tell you a lot.

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you know thats a ggood question so what if your nute mixture is 6.5 and your runoff is a 4.0 then what do you do

Simple. You add lime to your mix.

Dolomite or Calcitic, pulverized/ground, or pellets. ~$5 for a 40lb bag at Lowes or HD.

Just NOT hydrated, or slaked, or 'quick', or anything that isn't just ground up limestone. All these others have been treated in one way or another and should not be used.

Practically ALL peat based mixes require the addition of lime to avoid pH issues. From MG to FFOF, they all need it.


Use 2tbl/gallon of mix, or 1cup/cf of mix.


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I've always tried to keep my runoff within .5 of my feed mix. The only way I was successful at that was thru the use of dolomite. It worked well as a ph buffer for me....:)
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