ph question....

I check my PH levels everyday. And guess what? My Ph changes everyday. I find the most dramatic fluctuation in my PH levels usually happens the following 1-3 days after a nutrient change. After that, I don't see as much of a fluctuation from day to day.

Exception to the rule: During the first "stretch" in the flowering stage my ph levels seem to fluctuate on any given day. I think that's because they are sucking up an incredible amount of nutrients in a short period of time.
I like to keep my ph levels at most between 5.5 - 6.5. (5.8 - 6.3) is optimal. Different nutrients are absorbed by your plants at different ph levels. So, if your ph generally gets higher and higher as the week goes on you should start your ph level at 5.5. Once your ph level reaches 6.5 you should lower your ph level back down to 5.5 again. Ph fluctuation is ok as long as your in your acceptable ph range.

PH level is critical. If your PH is too high or to low it can cause nute lockout. Your plants basically can starve to death.
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