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PH vs Nutes spectrum charts


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Hi all
i found this in a book by seemorebuds
not sure on the rules here for borrowing info, but this is a direct copy.
Nice graph. And thank you for crediting the original author.

I don't think there are any rules about plagiarism. My opinion is posting information that isn't your own and then claiming it is, is no different than lying. I guess some people feel they need to seem different than they are.



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agreed! i always mention in my posts if the info came from someone else.
besides if it all goes pete tong then you can blame the author, lol.

looking forward to the day i can advise from my own knowledge. absolutly bursting with ideas, but have to get a grow complete before i can start to practice some of them.


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I recently added a nutrient chart to my site. I modified a couple of nice charts that I found on the web and created this in photoshop. Here is a link if anyone is interested:
nutrient chart


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after years of doin this
its depends on many factors, ph havin a noticible effect.
i personally believe that the 5.8 ph range for soil and 5.5ph for hydro.
the neuts they shaded are peak output of each neut. or mineral.
depending on supplies used, everything is different. just enough to make a huge difference. yes you can grow great cannabis without messin with this. you can blow your own mind by doin a few extra steps that enhance the capabilities of the cannabis plant. no chems! you dont have to buy biocanna either! the organics will show everyone the way. no its not more work. yes it is more expensive. ive not found anything all these years that does the things its doin! (biocanna neuts. is what im usin) the vigor, colors, size, leaf definition, smells, tastes, ease of grow, quality of pollen then seeds, effects on my pain. all these are examples of whats changed since doin the things i do. are they tedious? somewhat but think of the relief or what ever your lookin for to exponentially expand beyond your wildest dreams! sounds a little to good to be true huh? thats what i first thought!! ill never go back to anything else, unless its another break through! i can not express enough the effects of the biocannab line. simply a must try. o yea, ive very little light for growing. to expensive to run the bigger wattages. a 430 watt hps eyehortilux is all i use for flowing. a total of 3 to 5 plants depending on the sativa ratio in them. i never try and grow a ton! i do and try to make the very best of the frowers getting the best light possible for the room available. this means cutting quite a bit of the low light branches, its very important to start early with thr trimming. no more than 5% of cutting at a time, let the plant recover between thinning is what i call it. the object is to cut all the low light scrawny branches that will produce sparce flowers that are very loose. these loose flowere take so much energy to grow what they can, thats not much either.
between bending and thinning i personally have never achieved a level of growing like this! i need no pats on the back! just want to share with the one intrested. im 100% disabled ive a mind that works to improve on whats there. not by choice! i dislike growing cannabis like no tomorrow, ive had brain surgery to help with the pain! no help, especially when you compare the effects of each. cannabis is a life changer! so is the freakin brain surgery! not a smart ass but to the point and i dont beat around the bush. if you need the truth and its me involved, youll get it and i wont feel bad. im not perfect but do expect others to be human and not start things that make it hard for others just wanting to learn.
the cannabis plant is a weed, i thought you could plant it give it water light and air, not to mention food. stand back and watch it grow!!!
if a person could be any further off base! PLEASE LET ME KNOW!
ive no asperations of being the best! i would like to show as many folks how to obtain the best with what they have!

o man so sorry to hijack this.
please accept my appoligies!
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Wow 8.5 holy crap. See this proves ph can bbe plant specific. I run my soil 5.8 and slowly raise it to 6.4 and leave it there. If I let my ph get to 7. They trip out. I love those charts cause it gets you thinking but it's not a bible


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I consider myself to be a pro at soils. My input is this.
I have seen soils that are buffered/living and at a 6.0 to 7.6 PH and the plants don't even seem to notice and I have seen un-buffered/dead soils at 6.8 on the dot with almost no nutrients kill hearty plants.

What I am doing lately is activia soils (soils with a base bacteria and buffer). All I ever give it is kelp and the nitrogen doesn't run out given the worm castings and the sugar based ferts.

But i do see some acidic shifts so keeping up on the waterings and the flushings is key.

I have seen soils that do no get fertilized the entire grow and the plants exhibit no deficiency. Soils science is a whole nuther ball game. My buddy talks about tea like he is fucking british. lol


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i do not adjust the ph any longer, the neuts. in their directions tell me i dont have to. odd for sure is what im thinking! biocannas soil line is the product and let me tell you what. ive been doing this for over 10 years! ive never found anything like this!! ive always adjusted the ph till now, i stopped growing because a change of meds. i know know there isnt anything like cannabis and its help twards my neuro. pain!
hands down the best thing ive ever tried for pain relief!
biocannas got a draw back, man its expensive! i dont use a ton so i dont really worrie about that aspect, till the bottles get low.
the results are irrefutable all organic and what a beautiful bold plant it grows with a 400 watt bulb!!
im a person with a terrible attitude when it comes to growing, seems wrong i have to spend the money and time to accomplish the medicine. so there are times the plants get little attention. then the times im not well enough to get down stairs in order to do the rituals needed for a great looking and medically strong plant. the neuts seem to be a good buffer! for those times im not there as i should be!
i will let you know how it goes! the first grow is in its 15th day and the little ones have 3 to 4 different sets of leaf growth.
peace all


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Dr. Bud is calling it brix...

And brix is right on....

soil ph matters a lot, but when you have a culture that is regulatory, the range stays within acceptable parameters all the time.

Anyone reading this should look into the doc's journal.


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everyones idea of whats what is different. everyone has their own way they are comfortable with. everyone is different.
that being said, depending on the procedure and neuts available to them in their area. ph and its role in growing vary quite a bit! there are so many different ways to control the ph. i like the dont worrie about it approach, this dosent mean i dont watch it from time to time. it means i dont want to worrie about something that can controll itself with the proper mantanance and neuts. one less thing to watch or worrie about! when you are in pain and count on this miracle for relief as well as costs, you can find all kinds of aspects of growing that will change they way you think about the growth of the cannabis plant. one less worrie is always a great thing.
ph is very important, but why worrie about it! when you use the neuts ability to controll this aspect, its just that much easier to accomplish a fantastic grow. less work and money seeings how no ph up or down is bought, not to mention the costs of quality metering devices! a low tech. approach to the cannabis plant will amaze you and bolster your abilities at growing anything! i see so many folks tryin so hard and it seems they are tryin every trick in the book to grow cannabis.
as long as the plants growth is steady and the roots are a brilliant white when transplanting. your on the right track. most growers try and perfect their grows with to much. failure is much higher, at times less is more!
to make a plant grow and able to absorb the higher rate of neuts. all the paramiters to grow a plant must be in place before the pushing begins. ive found that with less neuts. and more attention to what i was doing was a much better plan than just all out neuts. and massive light. this pertains to looks, taste, effects ect.
i do believe everyone here means well!!! and then some. fact is everyones set up is different! climate, neuts. soils or not soils, attention, # of transplants before a certain stage, how the containers are set up. so many different aspects. some you wouldnt even think they would have an adverse effect on the plant when its a difference of night and day.
what works for one grower will not always net the same for another grower. even if the exact same everything is used. its a puzzle id like to look into more. i find it amazing
the differences between two exactly same grows and totally different results.
all has to do with the way its implimented.
i used to never feed or water without checking ph. ph is one of the easier peramiters to fix when it go off the scale.
dont just stop watching the ph if you do so now, do play with it learn from what you do and suprise yourself. time and money will be saved by stepping back and watching the plant. it dosent like all the different tricks used, the cannabis plant likes love and attention. the best plants grown are from a grower that knows what the plant thrives on. it usually dosent mean stress ie ways to fix problems. most just cause more problems. member mother nature, try and mimic her to the best of your abilities. youll save yourselfs much time and money. not to mention a better result with your time.
growers that have little to no problems are well versed in their rituals in the grow areas they have.
quality everything is a must! this dosent mean the most expensive, it does mean caring for the cannabis plant like its a family member. keepin it fed, warm then add a little mother nature. what does she have that you dont have in the grow room, besides the lighting. theres plenty, wind? of course not in full flwr. but i personally bend my plants till they go into flower. much more will help everyone in their own way, youll never know till you try. go slow keep records see what works and what dosent seem to make a difference. your all different and your all good at what you do. dont get discuraged and never never get angry in the grow rooms. keep it up beat. it helps! ive seen this aspect first hand!
peace to all
havin trouble, try doin less. think about the effects of what your doin!
youll be happy you did!


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It's way more complicated than that. my PH is 5.5 -6 and my nutes are low. Med amount of nutes and she burns.


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It should be noted the previously provided charts are applicable to soil. Hydroponic pH charts are specific and the ideal pH for hydroponic grows is usually around 5.8.

One should allow a small pH fluxuation. Starting at 5.6 and allowing pH to drift up to 6.0 between reservoir changes provides better access to the entire range of nutrients preventing a pH lock.


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In looking at my leaves I' m aliitle worried that I may have a nitrogen deficiency! This being my first grow and all Ildjust like your advise.
Oh, and thank you for your pH vs nutes article, very interesting
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