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Pharmacokinetics of cannabis

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What is the best medium to enhance pharmacokinetics of cannabis in creating a liquid edible? What is the role of carboxylation in the process?


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Hi Raphael.

The "pharmokinetics" of cannabis are the sum total presentation of its effects, which vary according to its method of ingestion. Or its bioavailability is another description. For example, the pharmokinetics of orally consumed cannabis are slower and longer acting than by inhalation, with other differences as well.

So when you talk about enhancing pharmokinetics, do you mean you want to speed up absorbtion/action or something different?

De-carboxylation is the removal of the carboxyl group from THC-A to produce THC which is the more chemically desirable form for most people (although THC-A has anti-inflammatory properties).

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Thank you. Yes my interest is to speed up absorption/action and enhance impact by using less if possible in an edible, liquid or food. I heard coconut oil is a good medium. What are your thoughts?


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My firsthand experience is that if you do a good job on the extract and consume on an empty stomach then the effects come on as fast as anyone could wish (noticeable in 10 minutes, full in 30). I have never used anything but a combination of olive oil and butter. THC is fat soluble, so pretty much any fat should work. Decarboxylating - heating at low temps first - is very important in cooking for maximum benefit. I don't decarb as much as some, but some decarboxylation also occurs in the cooking process.

You are right, the better your preparation the less you will need to use. Nowadays I mostly cook with leaf, which is a little harder to gauge. But I did cook with some bud last week. My wife and I split a gram and that was more than enough.